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most blatant denials....

(2 Posts)
discoball Sat 13-Jun-09 10:27:20

What is the most blatant denial you have ever seen in other mums as regard their children's behaviour? A boy once came running up to my DS in the playground and whacked him on the back so hard he almost fell over/ran off laughing.. I was fuming and when I confronted the mum (as she did absolutely nothing to tell him off), she said oh he was probably just saying hello, uh, WTH? This boy runs riot in the mornings and his mum just laughs it off, no wonder he is like he is! What are other mums' experiences? Thanks.

MrsBeakman Sat 13-Jun-09 13:09:19

My friend's son put one of my daughter's toys down his trousers as they were about to leave our house. Her husband told him off but my friend insisted that it was an accident and he wouldnt have put the toy there on purpose!

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