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18mth old son who tantrums when he wakes early from nap

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likessleep Wed 10-Jun-09 22:08:26

sometimes ds wakes lovely from a nap and has obviously had enough sleep and wakes in a lovely mood.

other times he wakes after like an hour, i leave him for 10 minutes to see if he will resettle and he doesn't. when i get him up, i give him water, encourage quiet play or sit and read and he tantrums massively and there is no distraction methods that work. sometimes a few grapes seems to work - maybe it is a blood sugar thing? (i don't think it is, i think it's cos he's woken early and grouchy and doesn't know what to do with himself).

normally, i ignore tantrums and just continue with what i am doing. but in this situation (i.e. he is obviously so overtired and doesn't know what to do with himself), i feel mean ignoring him.

anyway, a long post, but i just wondered whether other mums are consistent with responses to tantrums whatever the situation? at the moment, i do talk to him and engage with him and try to reassure him (which i don't do when he has tantrums when i know he is not tired).

cheers for reading this far.
i'm going to watch bb, but i'll log on again in the morning - thanks.

rhubarbyou2 Wed 10-Jun-09 22:13:22

i cant even talk to my daughter,shes a total diva ,i've learned to leave her totally and only speek to her when she comes to me when shes ready,it feels weird but works for her smile

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