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marytheresa Tue 14-Apr-09 01:16:21


We are expecting our second child, we already have a daughter who will be 3.5 when the baby comes (in August).

I will need some sort of ride on for DD. Although she is a great little walker and can walk quite happily, I was thinking I will need something if I have to drag her around the shops or on the occasion that she does get tired, or that I am in a real hurry.

The buggyboard website doesn't list the Micralite fastfold. I saw something simmilar to the buggyboard called the 'Oh Baby Kiddie Ride-On'. I contacted them, but they wouldn't commit to saying whether their product was suitable for the Micralite or any other pushchair on the market. (They obviously need to do their research - ala 'BubbyBoard').

I emailed buggyboard, hoping that maybe their website isn't up to date, and they have since tried and tested the Micralite. I am waiting on word from them.

I hope someone out there has had the same experience and can shed some light.

Looking forward to hearing any replies!


peachygirl Sun 05-Jul-09 19:44:50

Hi not sure if you will get this but I wondered if you had had any replies from the buggyboard site??

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