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DD & I keep bursting into tears

(6 Posts)
KatyMac Sat 07-Feb-09 23:59:18

Not sure why really

We sit & have long cuddles

I can't sympathise too much with her or I start crying too

I guess life is a bit much for us atm

lisalisa Sun 08-Feb-09 00:01:01

Oh dear katymac- havent seen any of your threads recently but hope all is okxxx

Yurtgirl Sun 08-Feb-09 00:01:21

Whats up katymac? Am I right in thinking you were setting up a nursery? Has everything gone crazy?

I am sorry if it has you have worked so hard on everything

KatyMac Sun 08-Feb-09 00:06:16

Gosh Nursery give up the ghost last Easter time (credit crunch)
We have had a bad year since;
my nana (dd's greatnana) died in June
I had to lay off 4 staff
Nearly lost business
DD's been poorly (over & over again)
I've been poorly (over & over again)
DH was in hospital in the summer
Now Nana is poorly too(blockage in her leg)

I think it's all been a bit much & DD might be getting hormonal too

Yurtgirl Sun 08-Feb-09 00:09:50

So sorry katymac I had no idea that it went belly up

You have had a bad year no wonder you feel down

Have some virtual chocolate on me

KatyMac Sun 08-Feb-09 00:11:42


I guess I am worried about DD

There is just too much 'stuff'

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