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Anyone else want to join me with a good cry over the cooker for how their day went?

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Martha200 Tue 07-Oct-08 17:24:41

It could be worse, I know it could be, but DH away for 3 weeks and no family around.
dc2 been poorly with cold/cough and teething and he is sooo miserable it's doing my head in to be frank! I feel worse because I am certain that having dc1 around has meant I haven't lost the plot.

If I walk him in the buggy then all well but overall it's whinge whinge, screams, tears, I stand up he cries.. I am so tired, lasted a week with getting up silly hours of night to see to him, took him to docs yesterday his chest seems clear been told to wait another week for an improvement.. I need a change of background noise I broke doing the broccoli at tea and had a good cry.. he wont eat anything savoury at the moment, finally got him to have a bottle and a bit today and a fromage frais, but feel like I am falling apart at the moment

flourybaps Tue 07-Oct-08 18:06:17

hiya, no great advice or magic wand im afraid just wanted to send you a hug (even though i know were not supposed to do those!)

Just get through one day, or even 1 hour at a time........ and when the end of the day comes a nice large glass of whatever takes your fancy and some choc should help in the short term! smile

nicky111 Tue 07-Oct-08 18:15:59

I had a good cry today. Am exhausted. And DD2 got her finger caught in the door of a toy cooker at toddler group and had a fit. I mean an actual fit, from the pain, according to the GP who then referred her to the local sick kids hospital for tests. I just felt utterly crap as DD2 also fractured her collar bone a couple of months ago. DD1 is busy telling me how much she missed me while at nursery and that she doesn't want to go again and the flat is a total mess. So am crap parent, crap housewife and can't even get a job to be crap employee. Anyway, deep breath, it'll be better tomorrow.

Seuss Tue 07-Oct-08 19:50:34

I'll join you. Hacked off with DH who instead of supporting me with dd's fussy eating has decided it's all my fault. I'm not so much crying as seething though angry

Sympathy to you all - hope tomorrow is a better day!

VickyPea Tue 07-Oct-08 20:03:42

Flourybaps, why can't we do hugs ??? We all love them ?shock

VickyPea Tue 07-Oct-08 20:07:25

Should have said by the way Martha, you are not alone. I'm seeing a cognitive therapist at the moment because I have PND and I'm on the happy pills but I still have up and down days, some days I scream at my kids, other days I love them to bits. I asked the therapist if I am 'normal' (whatever that is) and she said I am, just a working mum with two kids and a hard working husband. Made me feel better.

My dh has been working really hard recently I have felt like a single parent (no offence to single parents by the way) - its really really hard so lots of sympathy (and a hug if we can do them) smile

Martha200 Tue 07-Oct-08 21:02:59

Lovely ladies, thank you for your replies.

Flourybaps - lovely idea

Nicky - aw, how is your little one, that must have been scary

Seuss - been there with the DH about a year ago, he changed his mind in the end though. Not sure how old yours is, but we took the this is what is for your meal approach with a nearly 4 yr old, still gave a pudding no matter how craply he ate, made no fuss and within weeks he opened up to food of variety. Am not saying this will work for you, but offering some hope.

Vickypea - I'd like to know why we can't do hugs too (am baffled!) I am attending a pnd group once a week and wishing it will be the next session soon blush and your comment on single parents, I've been thinking how the hell did my mum cope when I was younger

On a plus point I had 5 mins happy time when dc2 listened to his dad chat to him on the phone, he seems to be getting closer to saying dada and just before bed, another happy moment, I think parenting has to be the ultimate challenge for me at times, made a much better child carer before I had children blush

jeanjeannie Tue 07-Oct-08 21:11:35

Martha you really aren't alone. I've got two under two and today has been nothing but crying and screaming.

Like you, I fell apart while making the tea....the noise, shouts and copious amounts of vomit from my 4mth old DD2 just got to me. I love your expression 'need a change of background noise" that sounds so true.

DD2 is sooooooo needy. I had no idea (stupid, duh, I know) that babies really can scream and scream until they're sick - or in my case - until they are picked up. Nothing wrong with DD2 - she just wants to be carried everywhere and the moment you put her down - WHAH!! sad Love them both dearly - but crikey me it's hard.

Hugs to you - to everyone who's having a hard time. Maybe it'll be better

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