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DD's bottom smells!

(4 Posts)
dontwanttoaskthisbut Wed 23-Feb-05 09:06:20

OK I'm a bit embarassed to ask this but my 2 year old daughter's bottom is very ... smelly! She baths every night and washes with a flannel, but she is quite pungent! How normal is this? She is toilet trained so it's not like she has wet nappies on or anything.

Tissy Wed 23-Feb-05 09:16:11

This happens to my dd on occasion, but usually goes away again. I was advised NOT to wash my dd's bottom with soap, unless VERY pooey (!), just water, and to avoid bubbles like the plague! i think they can alter the pH of the vaginal tissue, and cause irritation.


melli Wed 23-Feb-05 14:24:03

flannels can also hord bacteria unless u change it regularly so that could be a cause too.

HappyMumof2 Wed 23-Feb-05 16:23:40

Message withdrawn

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