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Help - feeling wobbly about next week!

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cookiemonstress Sun 07-Sep-08 12:51:27

Posted earlier in the week about 'big week' coming up. Due to circumstances beyond my control, Dd1 and dd2 are starting new nursery (first settling period tomorrow) and dd1 also starting pre-school (nursery provide 2 days wrap around care while i'm at work).

A big change for them but especially dd1 who has both to contend with. Currently having hideous time at work and this week is the only week I can get off to be with them, so a bit of a baptism of fire for them after this week.

To make it worse, dd2 was sick last night, most likely with a bug that she picked up from (former) nursery on friday (as I picked her up a little boy in her room had just been sick).

So now, I'm thrown for a loop. Worse case scenario is that one or all of us get the bug too and this means we can't make all the settling/introduction sessions (plus the fact that anything involving sick sends me off into a massive anxious spin anyway!) Obviously am trying to be positive and hope that no-one gets it and we can get on with this week as planned. Probably wouldn't be quite as stressed if this wasn't at least incident of illness number 34 already this yr!

Any words of wisdom/comfort out there??

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