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want a job change but afraid to make the change in routine please convince me its okay

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crazedupmom Sat 30-Aug-08 21:49:42

Me and my dp are struggling financially at the moment and I would like a job change to increase our income.
I have one ds who is 7 and ever since he was born I have only worked 2 nightshifts a week in a nursing home in the week and have always had all of my weekends free and always had plenty of time to spend with my ds.
I have always been here to take him to and from school, and have been with him all during school holidays.
However the money from this night job is lousy and I seem to be struggling more and more these days.
I think it would be possible to change my job and earn much more money if I employed the services of a childminder to get my ds to and from school as needed and to mind him during school holidays.
The problem is that I am frightend to make the break from the routine I have had with my ds for the last how many years and have this guilt thing going on about getting him up early to get him to a childminder. The job I would have would most likely be in a care setting so it would sometimes involve very early starts, and then if I was on a afternoon shift I would hardly see him as he would be at school from 9.00am and would be in bed once I got back from work.
It may not seem so bad once I am doing the job as it would be shifts and I would get every other weekend off and of course on a morning shift I would be there to pick him up from school and be with him all day after that.
My family think I have done my bit I have been with him all through his very young years and it will not affect him in anyway now.
They think the change would do us both good.
I really need the extra income but I am being held back by this guilt thing thats going on with me.
Any advice opinions would be appreciated

serin Sat 30-Aug-08 22:10:42

TBH I wouldn't worry too much about the before/after school club, my DS1 (age7) and DS2 (age6) went for the whole of last year and really loved it, if your DS is an only child he may really enjoy the company of his own age group.

I think I would ask his opinion.

If you really don't want to do it could you not find something that ties in with school hours, maybe classroom assistant or in the care field, OT or physio assistant?

Good luck.

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