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Moving from cot to bed - advice needed please!

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pippypoppypanda Thu 28-Aug-08 22:10:50

My ds is almost 21 months and has recently had a scare in his cot - he got his leg trapped poor thing and the bar had to be sawn off to free him (I'd find this hilarious if he would still willingly go to bed).

Is he too young to put into a proper bed? Or will he just get up and roam the house at night?

wotnopulling Thu 28-Aug-08 22:13:32

well if he's frightened of cot might be worth a try. i was worried dd1 would roam but she doesn't - she comes straight in to us...which is what they all do i think.

poor thing though. rough cot experience!

Portofino Thu 28-Aug-08 22:28:06

My dd, at exactly this age, leapt out of the cot during a temper tantrum. We were totally {shock] but took the sides off the cot the next day, and very soon after bought a toddler bed. We were lucky in that the door handles were high up so we could shut her in to keep her safe. The worst that happened was that she rolled out of bed a couple of times. It made me feel terrible to find her fast asleep on the floor, but never seemed to cause her any harm...

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