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little boys and their willies-

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themildmanneredjanitor Wed 26-Mar-08 11:45:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WanderingTrolley Wed 26-Mar-08 11:48:30

If it's very itchy, perhaps he could go into the bathroom to scratch it?

Maybe make an analogy with nose picking - not nice for everyone to see but you can rummage around as much as you like when you're alone grin

If your ds is 15 I will be leaving this thread at a run.....

NatalieJane Wed 26-Mar-08 11:48:57

IME little boys never stop playing with their willies, just keep reminding him that he can do it in his room.

If you do find the answer though, let me know, DH still doesn't get it.....! wink

Niecie Wed 26-Mar-08 11:50:01

I don't know. Wish I did.

DS1 often has a fiddle, especially in his pyjamas (easier access I supposehmm). He is 7.5yrs.

He is getting better with age but now he has replaced willy fiddling with scratching his bum.hmm

themildmanneredjanitor Wed 26-Mar-08 11:51:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PrimulaVeris Wed 26-Mar-08 11:53:05

Can't stop my ds8

He particularly likes to see how big he can make it grin

Will provide him with a long lifetime of pleasure and diversion from boredom, methinks....

Disenchanted Wed 26-Mar-08 11:54:24

DS who is 3 sait there fiddling then proudly announces 'Ive made it go big! Its the moon'

hmm grin

themildmanneredjanitor Wed 26-Mar-08 11:56:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

GooseyLoosey Wed 26-Mar-08 12:00:59

I don't know either, but at ds's first nativity play, he spent the first half lifting up his jumper to inspect interesting chicken pox scabs. This was a bit embarassing but I could still hold my head up as he delivered his lines beautifully. However, then he tired of the scabs, undid the button of his trousers and treated himself to a satisfying grope, sat right on the front row in full view of the assembled masses. Oh the humiliation!

fifitinkerbell Wed 26-Mar-08 12:05:31

Well wait while they get to 13 & catch then fiddling in all its glory blushin the living room

winniethewino Wed 26-Mar-08 12:07:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

VictorianSqualor Wed 26-Mar-08 12:12:24

DS(3) has a habit of doing what he calls 'drops' in his pants i.e not going to the bloody toilet quick enough or not wiping his willy so I just tell him to put it away incase it 'drops'.
I don't want to make a big deal out of it so try not to mention him touching it in any other respect.

Niecie Wed 26-Mar-08 13:17:07

Actually, I have the opposite problem with DS2.

He makes his grow by sliding around in his chair or on the floor (accidentally I think) and then announces it doesn't feel right. After rearranging it a bit he complains it has gone all big and he doesn't like it all big!

Never met a male yet who complains when it grows! Should I start saving for the therapy now?hmm

fifitinkerbell Wed 26-Mar-08 16:22:17

Oh dear yes start saving now grin

I am afraid it doesnt get any better as they get older as my ds1(13) always having hands down pants & has to mention his willy or balls on a daily basis (think its a shock tatic) to me or my mother hmm

OracleInaCoracle Wed 26-Mar-08 16:26:53

pmsl at these. ds is nearly 3 and loves his willy. i know because he told me. in fact he loves it so much that he is going to buy me one. probably from tesco.

Dottydot Wed 26-Mar-08 16:29:06

Yes, I found ds's (6 and nearly 4) sitting on the settee the other day, side by side, both with their willies out.

Ds2 proudly exclaimed that ds1 has "taught me to pull my skin back" - demonstrating by retracting his foreskin as he was telling me...

What. Are. They. Like?! grin


themildmanneredjanitor Wed 26-Mar-08 16:30:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

OracleInaCoracle Wed 26-Mar-08 16:32:05

i know, i always assumed the willy-worship would happen when he's 14, then i can ask dh to deal with it!

Dottydot Wed 26-Mar-08 16:34:33

And we've not got a man in the house to help out with tricky stuff like this! wink Mind you, every close male friend we have ends up having an audience when they go for a wee..!! grin

And we'll be packing them off to their Dad's when they get older and start with the really scary stuff - like shaving...

themildmanneredjanitor Wed 26-Mar-08 16:37:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PrimulaVeris Wed 26-Mar-08 16:39:43

My ds hopes that oen day his willy will be as big as his daddy's grin

And the other day he said "Maybe when I'm a grandad it will be GI-NORMOUS!!!"

He loves his willy, bless him

StealthPolarBear Wed 26-Mar-08 16:42:12

is it normal for baby boys to stetch it out to about 4x the original size - like a bit of elastic? Makes my eyes water when I see him doing it but he doesn't seem bothered!

PrimulaVeris Wed 26-Mar-08 16:48:25

Well StealthPolarbear, I have to say that until I had my ds I realise that I knew absolutely nothing about the many and varied elastic properties of willies. grin

Whenever I ask dh for some sort of comparison - like, dear dh, did you stretch it like that when you were young, is this normal etc - he just hides his face behind a newspaper wink

OracleInaCoracle Wed 26-Mar-08 16:55:10

lol ds spits on his hand to playt with his wink

LarryVeest Wed 26-Mar-08 16:58:04

Oh yes SPB, it's eyewatering

Actually this is a semi-serious question: DS (19months) likes to grab the whole lots (balls and willy) and squeeeeeeeeze really hard. There are literally bits of penis and testicle popping through the gaps in his fingers. shock I think he does it partly to see my horrified expression as I say 'oooh ooooooooooh gently DS'.

Is that normal? Could he damage himself? He had testicular torsion when he was a couple of months old, so I am a tad on the precious side when it comes to ball health.

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