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6 week old and formula feeding

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H8624 Thu 11-Feb-21 20:04:55

My baby is 6 weeks and since about 4 weeks has been taking 90-120 per feed 8 or 9 times a day/night (basically every 2-3 hours).

Just wondering when should I expect him to start taking 120ml or more all the time and going down to less feeds a day/night?

He also gets really grumpy during some feeds and halfway through will stop taking the bottle properly and start crying and spitting it out (I don't force the bottle In his mouth he takes it in then spits it straight back out). This usually happens late afternoon/evening.

I'm going to mention it to my HV next time I speak to them, just wondered what others have found with baby's the same age!

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FortunesFave Thu 11-Feb-21 20:32:03

They're so variable OP....6 weeks is extremely small still. There's just no way to predict when he'll take more or sleep longer.

When he stops feeding, do you wind him then?

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