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Lunch Ideas for 10 month old

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holliem91 Sun 17-Jan-21 10:16:18

My daughter is 10 months, soon to be 11 months and I'm looking for some lunch ideas that you give your LO's. I want to try and mix things up a bit for her and perhaps give her some things that I haven't tried her with yet. Any ideas?


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snowy0wl Sun 17-Jan-21 10:31:55

Assuming your DD doesn’t have any allergies:

- cheese on toast
- pancakes (we blend different veg into the mixture)
- full-fat yoghurt mixed with fruit
- mini beef burgers
- cauliflower cheese
- fish fingers

Annabel Karmel has written some great recipe books and I’m currently using “What Mummy Makes”.

I’ve also adapted a few ideas on this thread -

holliem91 Sun 17-Jan-21 11:41:03

@snowy0wl she has no allergies! Brilliant! Thank you for your suggestions and I'll also take a look at that thread.

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PlantDoctor Sun 17-Jan-21 13:31:48

Quiche, shredded ham, cheese, grated apple, peeled cucumber strips, very thin slices of tomato, well cooked pasta with tomato sauce, soft cheese on toast, cut up berries. Mix and match!

PlantDoctor Sun 17-Jan-21 13:32:17

Oh, and cheese omelette!

1950s1 Sun 17-Jan-21 13:34:20

A selection plate and a variety of different things to munch on

Lessismore2056 Sun 17-Jan-21 13:37:57

Fruit or peanut butter roll ups (flatten bread and spread the filling, roll up and get lightly until golden brown).
Banana and oat pancakes
Scotch pancakes (cheese and spinach or fruit ones)
Scrambled on toast
Cheesy broccoli pasta
Quesidillas (wrap, and anything filling such as cheese, tuna, avocado) lightly fried to melt
Fish fingers and beans
Sweet or savory eggy bread (grated carrot and cream cheese is a fav here!)

user1493413286 Sun 17-Jan-21 13:38:59

Cheese on toast
Eggy bread
Scambled egg
Beans/spaghetti on toast
Roll with cooked meat in it
Wraps with soft cheese and cucumber
Avocado on toast
I often give DS a bit of a picnic lunch of things like cucumber, fruit, something like avocado on toast

holliem91 Tue 19-Jan-21 10:38:32

Thanks everyonegrin

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holliem91 Tue 19-Jan-21 10:40:02

@PlantDoctor As stupid as it may sound, I've never thought of grating the apple! I haven't offered her apple because I wasn't yet comfortable giving it her in chunks! Thanks for that.

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