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lilg24 Mon 04-Jan-21 07:21:54

So I'm a first time mum and feeling helpless, I have a nearly 7 week old girl the last week or so during her feeds she seems to be guzzling her milk then arches her back will then cough and hold her breath for what feels like eternity! It's not like she doesn't want the milk because she does it's just her way of feeding is the issue she has tomee tipee bottles have tried mam but don't seem to make any difference!

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JiltedJohnsJulie Mon 04-Jan-21 08:14:03

Not sure on that one sorry OP. I'd maybe ask in the Infant Feeding section and amend your title to say something like Bottle Feeding Help thanks

Batteryislow Mon 04-Jan-21 14:39:13

Could you phone your HV just to run it by them? Is she colicky? If she's guzzling could you give a feed in between or a bit earlier than usual in case she is hungry from a growth spurt or developmental leap? Will she bring up wind? (maybe that's why she's arching her back?) sorry for all the questions... Maybe someone has responded to your post already.. It might settle down. Xx

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