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Fruit and Veg

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Magicpaint Sun 27-Dec-20 18:13:55

Hi all,
My 3 yr old has gone off her fruit and veg. She use to eat her dinners like clockwork but now point blank refuses to eat any meal I cook her unless it's a Jacket potato with cheese, or bloody chicken nuggets. Fish fingers she will eat but not her veg to go with it. How do I re-introduce her fruit and veg? Is this just a phase? Today she didn't eat anything apart from her cereal this morning. I made a roast dinner she didn't want it. Didn't give her any treats and she was hungry but point blank refused again when I gave it to her. Any ideas would be helpful?

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jumperweather Sun 27-Dec-20 18:36:48

Look up division of responsibility.
Just keep offering, low pressure. Probably just a phase smile

jumperweather Sun 27-Dec-20 18:38:45

JingleJohnsJulie Sun 27-Dec-20 18:43:24

Is she under the weather at all?

Weirdlynormal Sun 27-Dec-20 18:44:40

No snacks, keep offering

Magicpaint Sun 27-Dec-20 20:38:20

@JingleJohnsJulie She was a bit under the weather yes although will ask for treats and sweets?

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JingleJohnsJulie Sun 27-Dec-20 22:00:32

I think when they are a little ill, I've always given them what they will eat for a few days. They usually go back to eating normally once they're well.

You could try her with a dose of paracetamol tomorrow and see if that picks her up a bit smile

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