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Dry forehead on my baby boy

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lockdownpregnancy Sun 13-Dec-20 14:11:20

Hi all.
Photo attached of my ds's forehead.
What would you use to clear this up?
We have spoke to a nurse on the phone and she told us to leave it but it's slowly creeping across his forehead.
Apparently his skin doesn't warrant speaking with a doctor!
It's not bothering him thankfully but it looks horrendous! Photo attached.
I have used the same washing liquid and softener since he was born so it's not that.

Any help much appreciated.

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lockdownpregnancy Sun 13-Dec-20 14:12:39

Sorry! Photo now attached!

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PollyPocket245 Sun 13-Dec-20 14:40:45

Definitely not an expert but my DD had lots of dry skin because of CMPA, I applied this:

I used it a few times a day and it seemed to disappear. Any time she gets a bit dry now it’s my go to. She also loves it being applied! It’s super gentle too. It does depend what’s causing it though.

I would push to speak to the doctor if you think it would be part of a wider issue x

Soubriquet Sun 13-Dec-20 14:43:05

Almost looks a bit like cradle cap but on the forehead confused

I would try child’s farm moisturiser. It’s a lovely little thing

lockdownpregnancy Sun 13-Dec-20 15:06:20

I have requested to speak with a doctor and I'm waiting for someone to come back to me.
Because of COVID trying to get through reception is practically impossible! Absolute joke!
Both of those creams look good, but the nurse said anything with oil in we should avoid?
Honestly, babies are a mind field aren't they! 🤯🤯🤯

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Caspianberg Sun 13-Dec-20 15:48:00

If doctor is useless, try taking him to your local chemist and ask the pharmacist to look at him and what they recommend. They should be able to guide you to what cream might help if they know what it is

lockdownpregnancy Sun 13-Dec-20 16:09:35

@Caspianberg my FIL is a pharmacist and even he said to leave it! 🤷‍♀️
Both him and nurse said water only and it will
Clear up by itself! It's been over a week and if anything it's gotten worse! Water alone will dry his skin out even more.
I'm going to go to boots tomorrow and get one of the creams and see what happens. If it makes it worse I'll stop using creams and just keep trying to get in to see a doctor.
DS has his 12 week jabs on Wednesday so I can speak with a nurse then and see what she says, as she can actually look at it then.

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MazDazzle Sun 13-Dec-20 16:11:51

It looks like cradle cap. My son had this across his eyebrows and forehead. I washed it with Dentinox and it cleared up.

WithASpider Sun 13-Dec-20 16:21:19

My son had something similar, looked like creeping cradle cap! Our HV gave me some Hydramol to use, it's a moisturiser that you can also use as a soap/shampoo/bath oil. Worked a charm.

Caspianberg Sun 13-Dec-20 16:25:07

If it is cradle cap, oil actual helped here. My baby had it on his eyebrows and nose bridge. I would add baby oil for an hour to soak before bath, then brush it off with a soft dry flannel and new clean toothbrush. Took about a week to all disappear.

HavelockVetinari Sun 13-Dec-20 16:25:22

If it really is just dry skin, you should use a moisturiser (our chemist recommended Aveeno, which is excellent). Take him to the pharmacist, they will be able to tell you whether it requires a GP visit.

naomi81 Sun 13-Dec-20 16:27:32

Try dermol cream, I have a really dry forehead myself and find it helps, just check what age it can be used from with the pharmacy.

naomi81 Sun 13-Dec-20 16:30:28

Just checked, it can be used from birth

lockdownpregnancy Sun 13-Dec-20 17:28:07

Thank you ladies! Going to try that child's farm cream. I've been researching it for the last hour and results look amazing!
I've still requested an appointment with my GP so I'll see what they say if I get to see anybody!
Fingers crossed it works! 🤞

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