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Should I wake her?

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Greengiraffe1 Wed 09-Dec-20 10:50:52

9 weeks old, woke up at 7am, back to sleep for a nap at 9am, totally normal for her. But she's now still asleep. She normally eats every 2 hours during the day (EBF). Do I wake her up now? Or just leave her to nap?

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SquirtleSquad Wed 09-Dec-20 10:51:53

If she went to sleepy at 9 it's not 2 hours but either way I would let her sleep.

dancemom Wed 09-Dec-20 10:52:03

Leave her

Thatwentbadly Wed 09-Dec-20 10:57:23

As long as her weight gain is fine then leave her. In my experience switch on the kettle because as soon as you make a hot drink they wake up.

Greengiraffe1 Wed 09-Dec-20 10:59:00

@SquirtleSquad I'm confused? She ate at 7, ate just before 9 and fell asleep shortly after, times aren't exact but it was around those times that she ate/fell asleep, so it's been 2 hours now from when she ate last to when she's normally be awake to eat again.

I'll leave her to sleep a bit longer, when should I wake her if her nap just carries on?

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iamtheoneandonlyyy Wed 09-Dec-20 11:04:33

As long as her weight gain is good don't wake her. She's recharging, enjoy the peace
Congratulations thanks

Superscientist Wed 09-Dec-20 11:23:50

I woke my little one every 3h until she had regained her birth weight not that she often went more than 3h. Then I woke her on the odd occasion she went 4h for a few weeks probably stopped this around 6weeks. Since then I have fed on demand only which is between every 30 minutes and 3h.

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