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Trapped wind in newborn

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JB86 Tue 01-Dec-20 01:38:28

Hi all,
My newborn is 3 weeks old and has recently been suffering with trapped wind which is particularly bad at nighttime. We've tried infacol but it went straight through her giving her diarrhea. She has a feed (bottle fed 5oz paced feeding sat upright), we burp her between oz's, keep her upright for 30-40 mins afterwards. She settles in the Moses basket for about 10-15 minutes and then cries out arching her back, screaming, etc.

Does anyone have any experience of using infacol or gripe water? Or perhaps has another trick up their sleeve?


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planningaheadtoday Tue 01-Dec-20 01:52:11

My first baby was long in the body and very windy at 3 weeks.
The only solution I found was to gently stretch him out over my arm
With him facing down but head higher than his body. A bit like playing aeroplanes but with a gentle stretch.

It used to help him release gas from both ends. I did this before the crying started, it's very difficult once they are in pain as they curl up.

Nandocushion Tue 01-Dec-20 02:36:16

Hi OP - try baby on her back on the floor, and gently push her knees up to her chest and hold them there, or cycle them around - only do this AFTER the 30-40 minutes upright! It forces the air out and worked every time for us.

TwistofFate Tue 01-Dec-20 02:58:25

Combination of the above worked for us, we alternated between the colic hold and lying her flat and bicycling her legs to help her pass it. We tried gripe water but it didn't help, though infacol seemed to.

Zouri Tue 01-Dec-20 03:38:26

Have you tried anti Colic feeder? Check this out.

MonkeyPuddle Tue 01-Dec-20 04:16:15

My DD is long and has wind. I burp her sat upright and then lean her over to her left. The way the stomach is shaped means there can be a pocket of wind trapped at the top of the stomach and a left tilted lean can move it so it’s burpable.

JB86 Tue 01-Dec-20 04:31:33

Thanks all for the brilliant advice. smile

I should have said, we use the MAM anti colic bottles. We regularly try 'bicycle legs' but it seems she is in too much pain and her legs are so stiff to even try pushing towards her belly. Maybe we are doing it too late...?

I'll definitely try the aeroplane stretch and lean over to her left and try bicycle legs straight after the 30-40mins upright!

Thanks so much for the tips!! grin

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lockdownpregnancy Tue 01-Dec-20 12:16:34

Hi Op. our DS had colic and we use Colief and it was a major game changer! Gripe water too, as and when needed.
The bicycle legs and everything else just wasn't working for us either. His screaming was heartbreaking to listen to, so I feel your pain!
They do start to grow out of it from 6 weeks, so there is light at the end of the tunnel for you!
All the best!

October89 Tue 01-Dec-20 17:58:26

My dd isn't a gassy baby but to get her burps up on the newborn stage I would sit her upright and gently bend her to the left and right and she would burp so loudly! Also try sitting her up on your knee, holding her top half and move her top half in circles, like she's hula hooping.

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