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Cows Milk intolerance in toddler

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JiltedJohnsJulie Sun 22-Nov-20 21:35:52

I'm better with some cheese, it's to do with the protein being broken down. I feel so, so much better for not having any dairy though.

StrippedFridge Sun 22-Nov-20 20:52:53

I can't have raw milk. DD is the same. So is my sister and one aunt. No cream, ice-cream or milky drinks for us. Butter in cooked dishes is mostly OK provided I don't have it daily.

Cheese leaves my poo texture OK but makes me do the most disgusting farts you have ever smelled so I avoid it for reasons of embarrassment in public places and so family members don't hate me.


Some people have a problem with the sugars (lactose) and others with the proteins (whey). It's useful to find out which. Btw the allergy clinic will get you to do a food diary, eliminate lots of foods then gradually reintroduce while carefully monitoring.

DD stopped getting ear infections and colds when we cut out the dairy.

lookingatthings Sun 22-Nov-20 20:44:33

Thanks @JiltedJohnsJulie

Are you also unaffected by cheese / yoghurt?

I think perhaps a trip to the gp is in order, although getting an appointment is currently almost impossible where I am. In the meantime perhaps we should cut l dairy from his diet?

He's no longer breastfed, but I'm vegetarian so I eat alot of cheese including things and may need an adjustment period smile

He's an exceptionally good eater, and will eat anything I give him currently: it's me that needs to learn about hidden dairy I suppose.

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JiltedJohnsJulie Sun 22-Nov-20 11:59:14

I have CMPA and it sounds very much like this to me too.

This article from Allergy UK is very good and explains what to say to the GP.

Are you currently BFing DC1? If not I'd wait until baby 2 arrives before cutting out dairy.

If you need any tips on what to feed DC1 that is DF, just ask smile

lookingatthings Sat 21-Nov-20 12:13:08


DD is exactly the same. It's to do with the change in proteins as far as I know.

This explains it

She has been to see a consultant who agreed, she has a cmpa.

That article is very interesting, thank you!
I'm currently pregnant (due in march) and wondering if it would be best to premptivly cut milk / dairy from my diet again from after Christmas in preparation for the new arrival who will also be breastfed.

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LintonTravelTavern Sat 21-Nov-20 11:43:48

DD is exactly the same. It's to do with the change in proteins as far as I know.

This explains it

She has been to see a consultant who agreed, she has a cmpa.

lookingatthings Sat 21-Nov-20 11:35:28

Does anyone have any experience with toddlers being intolerant to cows milk but not cheese or yoghurt? Until 14/15m, my boy didn't drink cow's milk at all. He was breastfed, and ate very well so I didn't have any qualms about not giving him milk to drink- he drinks plenty of water.

He also eats cheese and at the time loved yoghurt so I wasn't at all worried about calcium intake. He also had a little bit of milk in his cereal in the morning.

His stools at this point were absolutely fine- firm, didn't smell particularly bad.

Around 15/16m we introduced a cup of cows milk as part of his bedtime routine with his dad whilst I was at work, in the hopes it would make the transition easier - he'd previously really struggled with going to bed for dad without nursing.

I noticed that his stools became watery and foul smelling, but initially put it down to adjustment. However it got worse, and he was doing two or three awful poops a day. He stopped having it to drink and went back to just water, with milk on his cereal, but his stools didn't improve, except on days he didn't have cereal for breakfast.

He now (20m) has oat milk on his cereal and his stools are back to normal. He still eats cheese and yoghurt, although his preference for yoghurt has waned so he doesn't have it as much.

I've tried googling but all I get is lactose intolerance which suggests I should cut all dairy and dairy including products. I'm willing to do this if necessary but it doesn't seem it, so I guess I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience of anything like this? A child, or even they themselves, that's intolerant to milk, but not other dairy products.

I should add that at one point in is first few months of life we did think he had cmpa as he posseted after every feed, although he didn't have any other symptoms apart from a tiny patch of excema on his foot. I cut dairy from my diet (although perhaps not thoroughly), but it didn't change anything and he was ruled a "happy spitter", which at the time made sense as he was happy and gained weight extremely well.

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