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The horror of the 8 week jabs!

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lockdownpregnancy Wed 18-Nov-20 19:20:07

So my DS had his 8 week jabs today!whilst the calpol has been given he is so unsettled and screaming like he's being murdered! No fever thankfully so the calpol has done its job!
My DH is on nights so I'm on my own!
Other than cuddles and calpol is there anything I can do to help smooth him and make him feel a bit better?
How long does him feeling like total shit last?

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HelloRose Wed 18-Nov-20 19:44:13

Cuddles & calpol is all you can do (if you bf, keep offering him that too). Just got to ride it out. 24hrs he should be OK. It's not nice but will be over soon.

WutheringShites86 Wed 18-Nov-20 20:57:11

Agree it just has to pass on it's own and do what you can to comfort him until it does - cuddles, milk, singing, rocking, skin to skin. My DD was the same but was fine come the next morning. She's just had her second lot this week and we had a few hours of screaming but not as bad as last time.

Its horrible to watch them suffer but if this is what a small dose does imagine the consequences of the full blown disease.

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