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How do I know when it's time to move on from the moses basket?!

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NikkiBK Thu 12-Nov-20 09:52:43

Baby is six weeks old, and rather long. She also weighed 10lbs 2oz at birth 🤯 (emergency cesarean ended up being required)

Anyway, how do I know when she has outgrown her moses basket? She takes up about three quarters of it length wise, but manager to wiggle up so her head touches the end sometimes. She can't roll over yet but she can sort of roll her top half onto the side, and then wiggles to the side of the basket and inhales the fabric which is a bit worrying.

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Disappointedkoala Thu 12-Nov-20 10:07:34

Congratualtions on your DD.
When they suddenly look too big for it! I think if you're concerned about her face going into the side of it then it's probably time to move on. They don't last very long got big babies unfortunately!

Letsallscreamatthesistene Thu 12-Nov-20 10:21:45

My baby all of a sudden just hated his. Thats when I knew!

modgepodge Thu 12-Nov-20 21:17:16

My baby was tiny and still outgrew it by 3.5 months. Probably by the time she was 10-12lb actually.

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