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Ring of dots on babys head

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hrees0111 Fri 06-Nov-20 11:03:22

My 13 week old baby has had a mark on his head for the last few weeks, not sure what it is- any ideas?
It is the size of the tip of a little finger and is flat. No other issues, he isnt bothered by it, just curious. Could it be a birth mark that I haven't noticed previously?

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attillathenun Fri 06-Nov-20 11:18:04

It looks like a little cluster of blood vessels. My DD has one on her temple, she’s 11 months now and it’s barely visible now as they fade over time smile could get your GP or health visitor just to double check if you’re worried

hrees0111 Fri 06-Nov-20 11:48:08

Thank you smile Going for vaccinations next week so will ask the Dr then.

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