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Wetting pants

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Horsesforcourses23 Wed 21-Oct-20 16:50:46


Wondering if anyone can give me any advice or guidance on this. My nephew lives with me full time permanently. There is some previous emotional trauma and the whole situation with him coming to live with me was very stressful for all involved. I am very happy he lives with me now and from what he say's so is he.

However for the last 3/4 years or so, he has had issues with wetting himself at school (he's 11 now) and the most recent incident was last week.

School and I have tried everything we can think of, he's not being bullied, he has healthy friendship groups. He has had tests, there is nothing medically the matter with him. I have tried being really sympathetic, I have talked to him about it. I have tried to punish him so stopped him from playing on his playstation. School at one point were making him go to the toilet every break time with out fail. We limited fluid intake. We pushed fluid intake. Everything you can think of we have tried.

I just am at my wits end and I am terrified he is going to go to high school doing it. He say's he doesn't know why he does it, say's he know's he needs to go but just doesn't go. He is embarrassed and begs me not to tell anyone it has happened.

I really don't know what to do at all.

P.s. he never ever wets himself at home / weekends / half terms etc it's limited only to school.

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Thatwentbadly Wed 21-Oct-20 17:06:57

Stupid question but have you asked him what is happening?

Horsesforcourses23 Wed 21-Oct-20 17:46:58

Yes when ever it happens, I've sat and talked with him to see if anything triggers it, or is he too nervous to ask to go to the toilet or something and he just says he knows he needs to go but just doesnt x

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lakesidewinter Wed 21-Oct-20 18:08:17

When we were working with ds enuresis he had a watch that buzzed every two hours, quietly. He then had to go to the loo.
He also had to up the amount he was drinking during the day.
School supported both making sure he was drinking enough and going to the bathroom regularly.

If he is only having this issue at school it sounds as though anxiety at drawing attention to himself or a reluctance to leave a task could be playing a part.

Training him to regularly use the bathroom gets him into good bathroom habits as it prevents his bladder muscles from getting over stretched ( according to the very effective urologist we saw)

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