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Shared Custody Tier 3..

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cosmicbabe Tue 20-Oct-20 07:23:04

Hello, if your co parent lived in a tier 3 area would you stop visitation until they were not at tier 3?... The Government haven't mentioned about children moving between parents whom have shared custody during the latest pandemic rulings.
Thanks x

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cosmicbabe Tue 20-Oct-20 07:23:44

Just to add I'm not in tier 3 but dad is

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Ohalrightthen Tue 20-Oct-20 08:10:05

Tricky. I would say that the kids should stay where their school is. They shouldn't be visiting a tier 3 area and going into a tier 2 school.

ninja Tue 20-Oct-20 08:11:26

It's specifically mentioned in the guidance that it's allowed for kids to move between tiers in these circumstances.

ninja Tue 20-Oct-20 08:12:33

Otherwise people can take advantage of alienating the other parent when that is not in the kids best interest.

paintedpanda Tue 20-Oct-20 08:12:54

Kids are allowed to go to their NRPs house for access.
Me and my children live in a tier 3 area and they go to a tier 2 school...

TheTeenageYears Tue 20-Oct-20 08:34:12

I have no idea but given children could move between houses when the whole country was locked down I'm not sure why it wouldn't be allowed now. At the end of the day it's all about priories. Tier 3 schools are still open and those who can should work from home but otherwise can still go to work, it's really the 'nice to' stuff that has been restricted. Spending time with both parents wouldn't to me come under the 'nice to' category.

cosmicbabe Tue 20-Oct-20 11:07:38

Cool thanks! I couldn't find the info online anywhere to confirm that it's ok.

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NewMum0305 Tue 20-Oct-20 11:16:51

Here you go:

States as an exception to the Tier 3 rules: “for arrangements where children do not live in the same household as both their parents or guardians”

Cait73 Tue 20-Oct-20 14:11:43

It is in the guidelines children are to move between parents as they normally would, I personally would be urging the parent in tier 3 to exercise as much caution as possible between and during visits to minimise risk

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