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DS sleep gone to pot - please help!

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newmum234 Thu 15-Oct-20 22:12:18

He went to bed at 7.15, was up at 10 screaming. I’m giving him a bottle of milk now but what is going on? It’s so not like him.

Worried he could be constipated...

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newmum234 Thu 15-Oct-20 19:25:54

Thanks. I really doubt he was crying for food though - if he was, surely he would have cried for a lot longer than 30 seconds to a minute! Plus he had 1.2 litres yesterday, so he’s having a lot of milk. Anyways, we will see what happens tonight...

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Letsallscreamatthesistene Thu 15-Oct-20 14:15:37

My 6.5 month old has jusy come out of a really crappy period of poor sleep. Hed wake every 2 hours and be really hard to settle again. Last night he slept from 6.30pm-4am, then settled again until 5.30am. Lovely!

What ive learnt is that sleep quality fluctuates, and theres very little you can do about it, unfortunately.

Caspianberg Thu 15-Oct-20 14:01:21

Mine is almost 6 months as well. He still wakes multiple times overnight and is fed 2-3 times overnight still ( breastfed)

His sleep has got Gradually worse each week so far!

Harrysmummy246 Thu 15-Oct-20 10:42:21

It could be hunger and wind

But yes, some babies do indeed need a feed or several through the night as well as through the day. That doesn't mean there's anything wrong with them.

Thatwentbadly Thu 15-Oct-20 08:16:21

If you think it’s wind then you can try giving gripe water with a feed to see if that help. In my experience boots gripe water is the best.

newmum234 Thu 15-Oct-20 08:15:06

So you don’t think it’s anything to do with the wind?

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Thatwentbadly Thu 15-Oct-20 08:08:24

He may need milk every 3 hours. There is a 6 month sleep regression though and sleep isn’t linear it’s gets worse rather than better. At 6 months it might be time to move to 2 naps a day.

newmum234 Thu 15-Oct-20 07:18:56

My DS is almost six months and has been a good sleeper until now, napping three times a day and waking just once in the night or not at all. Suddenly though everything has changed!

For the last week he’s been waking every couple of hours, crying for about 30 seconds to a minute, then passing gas and going back to sleep.

At first I assumed he was hungry, but then I realised he was doing this every three hours so couldn’t be needing milk. Plus the fact he stopped crying after about 30 seconds to a minute suggests that it’s trapped wind rather than hunger.

I feel guilty as I’ve just been leaving him to cry before he falls back to sleep. Should I be up straightaway and comforting him?

He’s FF, on about a litre a day and has been completely fine and happy on his formula until now. Wind doesn’t seem to trouble him in the day, just at night.

One thing I have noticed is that he barely burps now after feeding. He used to bring up big burps but now it’s just a few little splutters if that! Is that normal at his age or should he be burping as much as ever?

Is there anything I can do to solve the sleep/wind issue? He’s not started on solids yet but is due to do so very soon...

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