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Transition to toddler bed screaming at stairgate

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Willow146 Sat 10-Oct-20 07:22:40

Hi, hoping for some practical advice or words of reassurence!
We moved our son into a toddler bed because he’s climbing out of the cot. He goes to sleep in the bed no problem at all, he actually loves climbing in it and snuggling down to read a book. Problem comes early hours of the morning when he seems to totally freak out. In his cot if he woke early he would chat and roll around and go bAck to sleep. Now with the bed as soon as he wakes about 5ish he’s getting up and standing at his stairgate crying and screaming. I’ve tried going in and settling him but he won’t calm down so I end up getting up with him. This creates an endless cycle of upset tired toddler and our days are just no fun. My husband thinks tomorrow mornjnf we need to just leave him to cry because are reinforcing the early wake. I’m so nervous about the whole thing, but 5am isn’t sustainable for any of us, especially my child x

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Ohalrightthen Sat 10-Oct-20 08:13:19

Have you tried a groclock?

Disappointedkoala Sat 10-Oct-20 09:10:04

We've been going through this for the past few months and it's slowly getting better. We've gone from having to get up at 5am every day to nights of sleeping through till 6ish and other nights where DD will let one of us resettle her and then goes back to sleep (I'd say we're on 50/50 over the course of a week now). She's also been trying to drop her nap at the same time so the days can be really bloody tiring. No advice but plenty of tired solidarity.

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