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Tell me about your late takers

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doadeer Fri 09-Oct-20 17:27:06

DS is 20m, very vocal with noises (lots of mmmmms) but no words except mama and dada which he started saying at 10m.

His personality is very much "not in a hurry" he likes to do things at his own pace and though he's a chilled out guy he is very stubborn.

We read constantly, I chat with him, point out objects, sing songs, everything I can think of really.

I look after him nearly full time during the week and it's quite lonely without him engaging back with me.

For those with late talkers - any advice? Reassurance? What did you do and how did you manage your own frustration?

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doadeer Fri 09-Oct-20 17:27:48

Obviously title meant to be talkers which my phone keeps correcting!

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yeOldeTrout Fri 09-Oct-20 17:30:36

He's still very young. Try to talk face to face with him so he can see how your mouth makes the sounds it does. Work on his understanding even if his productive speech isn't coming on fast.

glastogal Fri 09-Oct-20 17:37:42

My DS was a late bloomer when it came to speech, at his 27 month HV visit she said he was on the low end of normal and we worried a little (he had a few words, most came after his 2nd birthday) but honestly only a month later it was like a switch flipped for him and he had a massive word burst. He's become really conversational in the past 6 months and while I think he might still be slightly behind the curve in understanding, I'm not at all worried any more as I know how fast these things can change!! So try not to worry, it sounds like you are doing all the right things smile

glastogal Fri 09-Oct-20 17:39:15

Oh, and we didn't do anything special. If he showed an interest in something we would talk about that thing lots. The main thing we did was give him time smile

Bobojangles Fri 09-Oct-20 17:42:41

HVs aren't interested until 2 as long as the understanding is there

Does he understand everything you say to him?

Edel2019 Fri 09-Oct-20 17:43:44

OP how is his hearing? Have you gotten it tested.

ComicePear Fri 09-Oct-20 17:47:08

DC3 was a late talker. He didn't really have any words by the time he was 2 (maybe a couple of animal noises). He's now 11 and doing really well at school. He did have glue ear and needed an operation to have grommets put in, which may have been part of the reason. Also he was an early walker and I think many toddlers tend to focus on one or the other - is your DS physically advanced?

trilbydoll Fri 09-Oct-20 17:52:55

DD didn't really say anything until she was 3. She's 5 now and doesn't shut up! I would say my mum still only catches 80% of what she says though. Stagecoach seems to have helped force her to speak more clearly. Also us picking her up on mispronounced words, when we know she can say all the relevant sounds we'll force her to repeat it correctly.

doadeer Fri 09-Oct-20 17:54:42

I called the HV as he does have a few markers for autism. He doesn't respond to him name, doesn't point and quite a few other things. But I'm really not sure. She referred me for a hearing test but I haven't heard anything more.

To be honest he responds instantly to commands where I tell him not to do things like don't climb on the table or don't eat soil etc and if he hears the opening bars of the Lion King he comes running so I don't think it's a hearing issue.

When we read he watched my mouth a lot and whenever I catch his eye I always make lots of visible exaggerated sounds.

It's very difficult to know if there is a development delay or he just marches to his own beat.

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Mylittlepony374 Fri 09-Oct-20 17:58:02

My first thought would be hearing test. My 2 year old is slow to develop speech& language. Hearing test showed low frequency loss, he's now awaiting grommets.
He's coming along with a lot of singing (heads shoulders knees & toes, 12345 once I caught a fish alive etc) and communication games (peek-a-boo etc) as well as me narrating my whole life (now I'm peeling the potatoes, 123 potatoes in the pot, 3 potatoes in the pot etc).
If his lack of communication bid difficult for you, would you consider using signs of some kind? We taught our son a kind of cup-to-mouth so he could ask for a drink, hands together by head for tired etc. Helps him to be able to communicate also.
In my area criteria for speech therapy referral is 10 words or less at 2 years, so it may be worth referring also, if you can.
He's got a good mum on the case so I'm sure your little one will be fine.

BlackPuddingEggs Fri 09-Oct-20 17:59:48

My oldest failed his 2 year assessment due to no speech- he didn’t even really make animal noises. He did communicate, just not with sound!
I read to him, recited poems and nursery rhymes and did the baby music groups but he just absorbed and didn’t repeat. Then he started talking in a rush at about 2.5. I think he had never felt the need to ask for things before - everything was to his liking!
He is just starting his final year at Oxford and one of his greatest strengths is his ability to talk, get his point across clearly and persuasively. He’s also a good musician so maybe the baby music paid off too!

Mylittlepony374 Fri 09-Oct-20 18:00:36

Just saw your update and to say my son would also come running if he heard the Peppa Pig song. But has a definite hearing loss do still worth getting checked.
If you're worried about Autism maybe look at the Hanen Program. Good for communication in kids with autism but also in general.

doadeer Fri 09-Oct-20 18:08:05

Thanks everyone really helpful stuff here! I'll check out resources in more detail

It's so difficult to not be pressuring or rush him but I don't want to be blaise if there is a genuine delay. The HV was so useless, just sent me to the BBC website 🙄

He was a bit like this with walking, physically I think he could do it from 10 months, he was free standing from a very young age then one day at 13 months he just started walking and never crawled again.

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IthinkIsawahairbrushbackthere Fri 09-Oct-20 18:15:35

My youngest was very slow to speak - she was very happy, very keen to engage with people but only half a dozen words until after her 3rd birthday. She was also late walking and late toilet training. She had hearing tests and speech therapy and then shortly after her 3rd birthday she started to talk in full sentences.

Within 6 months we couldn't shut her up and we still can't! I have no idea why she seemed so slow to get going but she caught up and never looked back.

ImFree2doasiwant Fri 09-Oct-20 18:16:06

DS1 had a hearing test (fine) and a SALT assessment (which concluded he had a significant delay).

He started talking at 2.5yrs, and didn't stop. He went from 2 words to reciting the alphabet and the whole gruffalo story, holding long coherent conversations, in 3 weeks.

Things to look out for are does he point at things, can he identify things (where's the ball/dog/cup) follow instructions (Please can you go to the hallway and bring your shoes back) etc

Edel2019 Fri 09-Oct-20 18:22:52

💯 get his hearing tested - I was convinced my DS's was perfect, even though his speech was delayed. Turns out he was completely deaf in one ear and 60% in the other - all as a result of concurrent ear infections

babycornplease Fri 09-Oct-20 18:24:45

Dd didn't really talk apart from the odd words, she understood more than she could say, I was getting worried and considering getting her checked.

Cue lockdown when she discovered her voice at 2.3 years old and she hasn't shut up since!

doadeer Fri 09-Oct-20 18:29:15

Can GPs usually do hearing tests or is it specialised hospital? What does it involve?

I'll chase the HV Referal.

What happened when you discovered hearing loss?

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Mylittlepony374 Fri 09-Oct-20 18:49:03

I went to a private Audiologist. I'm in Ireland. GPs wouldn't do it here.
Once hearing loss was confirmed I was referred to ENT Consultant. She confirmed fluid in middle ear and booked him in for grommets. I self referred him to speech therapy.
Even if you find he doesn't have a hearing loss, it's still worth getting the test to rule it out.

doadeer Fri 09-Oct-20 19:06:40

Thank you

Really helpful 🙏

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Cyw2018 Fri 09-Oct-20 19:16:45

My DD didn't say a proper word until 17 months (had a full repertoire of animal sounds before then though). At two she was putting together a handful of 2 word sentences but still a very limited vocabulary (i could count the words she had).

In spring/early summer this year (so 2 years 3 months ish) she was saying more 2 word sentences and a few 3 words, then suddenly at 2 ¹/² she came out with a 4 word sentences and then a 5 word sentence the same week.

She is now 2.8 and knows her colours, can count to 10 (when she decides to, she is also quietly stubborn), knows up/down, big/small, hot/cold etc, and throws out the odd 6 word sentence.

I didn't talk hardly until I was nearly 3, and it didn't hold me back.

Blueonwhite Fri 09-Oct-20 19:24:02

We had a speech therapist For my son and it was amazing. She used makaton to help communication.
Learn the sign for more and play with a toy (we had a care which went down a ramp so there is a turn each of that makes sense) make him sign Every time he wants the car for his go. That was the start of communication for us
Instead of just reading books describe all the pictures to increase his vocabulary. Don’t be tempted to quiz them, just constantly name and label things
Watch what they’re into and then give the vocab for it. So if they’re playing with a cup get down on their level and say mmm a cup, I’m drinking with it, do you want a drink? And model what you do with it for them. Speech comes from play at this stage

I’ll try and think of more after toddler bedtime!

ImFree2doasiwant Fri 09-Oct-20 19:24:08

DS was referred for a hearing test by the health visitor. I'm sure the GP could do it too. It was at the hospital.

Bobojangles Fri 09-Oct-20 19:51:58

HV can do a referral for a hearing test but you might be waiting a long time, my 22 month old should have had one in July but due to covid it'll likely be after Christmas at the earliest unfortunately

My oldest was a slow talker, the 22 month old went months without making any progress so I was a bit more concerned about him and had spoken to the HV and a.private SALT but as his understanding is very good they aren't concerned at this stage

He had also got a few new words in the past month (probably not up to 10;yet but I take the progress as a good sign)

Id speak to your HV anyways if you think there are autism flags as that might trigger earlier intervention

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