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What are your 11 month olds eating in a day

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helloyoutoo Thu 17-Sep-20 18:55:30

Just this wondering what babes have in a whole day pls

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ZooKeeper19 Thu 17-Sep-20 20:39:11

Banana for breakfast, then veggies mashed for lunch, avocado for snack, grapes and cucumber for snacks, whatever of the before for dinner adding some bread/toast with butter if still hungry. Fennel tea through the day and BF (but he is not too interested in this, only at night). When out and about and he is grumpy he gets some of the bought baby snacks/crackers whatever they are called.

Darkestseasonofall Thu 17-Sep-20 20:46:49

A few dry cereals whist I'm getting breakfast ready, toast and fruit usually.
Something like hummus and pitta at 11ish.
A boiled egg or some baked beans at lunch.
Whatever we have for tea.
Some baby porridge for supper.
3 x 6oz of formula throughout the day plus water

Wherearefoxssocks Thu 17-Sep-20 20:53:10

Porridge or weetabix with fruit for breakfast
Lunch tends to be his main meal, which is usually either leftovers from the night before or a pouch. And pudding of some description. Yoghurt or rice pudding.
Tea might be scrambled egg on toast, or a cheese sandwich with grated cucumber. And again some sort of pudding.
He doesn't really have too many snacks. If he does it would probably be a melty stick or something. He still struggles with finger foods. No teeth and he just shoves the whole thing in and swallows!
Milkwise he probably has around 600ml

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