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Toddler not talking at nursery

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BringMeThatHorizon Thu 13-Aug-20 08:36:39

Should I be worried that my 22 month old isn't really talking at nursery?

At home he's chatting away happily, saying loads of words and making basic two/three word sentences (things like 'where nana?', 'hello lorry', 'mama shoes car' 'dada snack please', 'more drink'). Yesterday his nursery put on our learning app that he'd said a word that he's known and been saying at home for ages. They put it as an achievement, rating him as at 8-20 months level. I spoke to them briefly on pick up and they said he's quiet and doesn't really say much there.

Is this normal? Will he get more confident or are there things I can be doing? He's been back at nursery 2.5 days a week since June and he seems happy there, and even though he's now in the toddler room he's still with the same key worker that he's had since he started almost a year ago.

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mindutopia Thu 13-Aug-20 14:18:11

This is really normal. I've always found that nursery comes up with surprising things that they found mine had just started doing, but actually they'd been doing it at home for 2-4 months already. They have lots of children to assess and they just aren't able to pay so much attention that they catch everything.

I wouldn't really think too much about the 8-20 months development thing though. It's not that he's behind. It's just that learning single words tends to start during that time. But it's not as if when they turn 21 months they no longer learn new words. So it's a bit of an artificial thing.

But at the same time, yes, it's normal for them to be more quiet at nursery too until they're a bit older. I'm pretty sure even my 7 year old is more quiet at school than she is at home (where she talks absolutely non-stop!). Sounds like he's doing fine.

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