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How do you define a yummy mummy?

(24 Posts)
emilytankengine Tue 02-Oct-07 21:38:52

What would you guys describe a "yummy mummy" as? Cos the phrase just winds me up!

WestCountryLass Tue 02-Oct-07 22:11:25

My definition of a yummy mummy is anyone who has made an effort with their appearance (most seem to use hair straighteners!), wearing trendy/stylish clothes that flatter them and generally look well groomed.

pneumalifenewname Tue 02-Oct-07 22:12:25

you bake traybakes

UnquietDad Tue 02-Oct-07 22:14:21

Smug, 30s/40s mother who looks as if she has a lot of spare time to spend on "grooming" - nails, hair done, clothes expensive - looks like she goes to the gym a lot and is concerned about what people "think" of her. Shires-living and Conservative-voting. Did I mention smug? Doesn't work. Drives 4x4. Lives off hubby's hedge-fund. Children are called things like Inigo, Ivo and Tabitha, and do violin and ballet.

Tortington Tue 02-Oct-07 22:15:06

pmsl UD

sykes Tue 02-Oct-07 22:22:14

I work full time, live in the shires and my dds are called normal names.I drive a clapped out old BMW, my children ( I hear the hissing now) go to private schools and I dye my hair - it's v grey. I vote labour. My daughters do ballet and riding and the elder one does violin after a year of begging. What am I? I two-faced twat? Or am I fortunate enough to have choices which I've worked bloody hard for?

Rachmumoftwo Tue 02-Oct-07 22:29:19

A yummy mummy is anyone who has managed to put on a clean top (minus puke stains)and brushed their hair and put on a bit of lippy before leaving the house!

moljam Tue 02-Oct-07 22:31:56

Rachmumoftwosmile lol!

Nightynight Tue 02-Oct-07 22:38:01

a SAHM who has got a cleaner/nanny/gardener/any of the above, and money to buy nice clothes, goes to the gym etc.

EmsMum Tue 02-Oct-07 22:41:05

Anyone who looks like they have BOTH more time and money than me. And spend quite a bit of both on their appearance.

PanfriedpumpkinattheMNcafe Tue 02-Oct-07 22:48:42

oh..some mummys are just yummy effortlessly.

<< but the phrase does make me want to vomit>>

MeMySonAndI Tue 02-Oct-07 22:51:43

NO Sykes, you are not a twat... you are a yummy mummy! smile

sykes Tue 02-Oct-07 22:53:49

I don't think so.

kindersurprise Tue 02-Oct-07 23:12:16

This is the definition I use for my course, "English for Yummy Mummys":

"A mother who is interested in looking after herself as well as her family while taking pride in her appearance"

I use it more as a joke with friends, it would make me ROFL if anyone seriously described themselves as a yummy mummy.

Saying that, since I have a cleaner, go to the gym and sometimes use straightners, I am afraid I might be put on the Yummy Mummy At Risk Register.

UnquietDad Wed 03-Oct-07 09:20:35

sykes - that just means you're not a YM then. Unless you want to be??

vacua Wed 03-Oct-07 09:22:32

A MILF surely?

UnquietDad Wed 03-Oct-07 09:24:03

No, there is overlap but I can think of plenty of MILFs of my acquaintance who aren't YMs. Think Venn Diagram.

claricebeansmum Wed 03-Oct-07 09:26:08


vacua Wed 03-Oct-07 09:27:25

yes I should have said YILF instead of MILF as frankly have met very few I'd even consider

ImBarryScott Wed 03-Oct-07 09:29:50

definitely a SAHM, but one who also has a nanny so that she can stick to her rigid routine of gym-hairdresser-manicurist. She quite possibly is a second wife, so considers it her full-time job to look good for hubby, lest the fate of First Wife befall her.

vacua Wed 03-Oct-07 09:32:03

Is it obligatory for them to drive an M Class or Cayenne or could someone scrape through in a RAV4? NOT Self you understand, just mentally sorting the playground mums.

claricebeansmum Wed 03-Oct-07 09:32:16


vacua Wed 03-Oct-07 09:35:01

Sorry I meant MYLF hmm

paddyclamp Wed 03-Oct-07 20:22:12

I hate the phrase personally. It always makes me think of these celebrities who get their figures back about 2 weeks after having a baby. Agree with unquietdad they tend to be smug!

I straighten my hair and wear make up. But i always thought they had to wear designer clothes.

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