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6 month old hates car seat

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Notlostjustexploring Wed 22-Jul-20 16:05:37

Do you have a mirror to see him and for him to look it?
I had some success with tucking mine in with a scarf that smelled of me.
Hot? Cold? Air conditioning on or not on enough?
Well fed and hydrated?
Is the head rest up high enough, it's not digging in to shoulders?

ALL of these things we learned the hard way! Mostly it's okay now, but we still get random screaming every so often.

Meredithgrey1 Wed 22-Jul-20 15:36:38

My DD was like this for months, it was awful. We went to see my grandma when DD was about 12 weeks and she honestly screamed for most of the 4 hour journey while DH and I desperately repeated "I thought cars made babies sleep!!" at each other. By about 7 months she was better and now (13 months) she's fine.

Tinkhasflown Wed 22-Jul-20 12:19:22

Two of my three children went through a phase like this and I remember the horrendous journeys home (1 hour). It did pass after a few weeks though.

boymum2020 Wed 22-Jul-20 12:14:24

Anyone baby not like car?

When he was under 3 months he would fall asleep no problem and would be happy in car.
Then comes along the COVID pandemic and we go into lockdown.
We would try and get him in car once a week, even just for a local drive.
But with lockdown we weren’t visiting relatives (they live 1.5-2 hours away)

He then became very fussy, not wanting to sleep (even if it was nap time) so we got a new car seat as he’s a big baby and I couldn’t carry him in his car seat (cybex atom to maxi cosi mica 360) well he won’t sleep in that either, we’ve tried trips out to parks and he’s cried from just been in car.

I went to my mums, set off around nap time as it’s 1.5 hours. He screamed and cried for the first 40 mins (I had to stop at service stations on motorway as he was hysterical) then finally fell asleep had around 40 mins nap.
But his head dropped forward and he woke up and then cried until we got to my mums.

Worse on way home as he was over tired and refused a nap at my mums. He cried for the duration of the trip.

It just feels like because of isolation he will only nap in his crib. But he will cry when put in the car too.

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