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Breast fed baby - food allergy (poo photo warning!)

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november90 Sun 12-Jul-20 07:46:08

Hi everyone. My little boy is 8 weeks old and I seem to be obsessively worrying he may have a food allergy. He is my second baby, my first was also BF but suffered a lot with constipation so his poos were always really thick, so the runny nappies have taken me by surprise! He does spit up... but only during the day (?!), and his nappies are normally quite runny and slimy with streaks in. Anyway I've been cows milk free for 2 weeks and soy free for 1 week and 0 change. Am I over thinking this? Are these nappies normal? I posted on a breast feeding page and everyone seemed to say that the nappies looked normal!

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november90 Sun 12-Jul-20 07:49:13

Just to add I've been on 2 sets of antibiotics back to back. The first image was taken during this. They said baby poos may be more runny.

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Wingingthis Sun 12-Jul-20 07:50:33

It does look quite mucusy. My first had CMPA and her poos ended up bright green with blood in sad is he generally unsettled as well? It can take 6 weeks for dairy & soya to leave yours/his system x

keepingbees Sun 12-Jul-20 08:17:40

Breastfed poo is like that normally, it's not solid. The sign of an upset is usually a green colour. The only thing I would say is there doesn't seem to be many fatty bits in it, which give it the appearance of seedy mustard. This is produced by the fat rich hind milk, so I would make sure baby is getting plenty of time on each breast and not just getting mostly foremilk.
Show your health visitor if you're worried though smile

november90 Sun 12-Jul-20 08:28:40

He's been SO unsettled this weekend but I think it's due to my antibiotics which I finish tomorrow thank god. They are safe for BF babies but not the preferred option my doctor said! The mucus in the first image isn't a recurring thing. I've probably seen it about 2/3 times! But the nappies are always gloopy!

He doesn't always feed for a massive amount of time... but his weight gain is normal! He probably has about 9/10 feeds a day... mainly at night 😰🙈

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keepingbees Sun 12-Jul-20 11:38:43

If he's not feeding for long then he might not be getting enough of the richer hind milk. This could then cause the frequent feeds and also make the nappies runnier. You could try starting the next feed on the same side before swapping him over rather than starting on the new side (if that makes sense!)
The antibiotics could be causing him tummy ache and making him unsettled. Or even something you're eating that doesn't agree with him. I was told to try drinking chamomile tea to help settle them.

Mine all started teething really early too and that can cause runnier nappies and being unsettled. I know your baby is only 8 weeks but my DS started with teething problems at 5 weeks!

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