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3.5 year old early morning missions

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MyNameForToday1980 Thu 02-Jul-20 23:07:12

DD wakes up any time between 6:30 and 8am, usually 7:30ish (we used to wake her earlier when we commuted to work and she started nursery at 8am).

DH and I have an alarm set for 7:20am. Usually we wake up before her.

And usually if she wakes up before then she comes straight to our room, we give her a cuddle and all get up to have breakfast.

But recently she's been going on mini missions, silently, before 7am around the house. Standing on her step to reach on tall shelves, finding a lipstick in a kitchen drawer... All very stealthy.

Obviously, our worry is that she'll hurt herself in some way between 6:30am (earliest) and 7:20am.

The cooker is locked off over night, knives are kept well out of reach (ditto medicines and cleaning products), but still...

We tried a baby gate, but she can undo them, or climb over.

We've talked to her in great detail about how if she wakes up before us she should either play in her room, or come straight to us.

She absolutely knows what she should do.

Is there any option other than setting our alarm for 6:15 on the off chance she wakes up at 6:30?

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