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Not sure about sending daughter back to school yet. Can't make a decision!!

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Princessmumma30 Thu 18-Jun-20 14:19:23

Hi all,
Started this thread to see how other parents have been getting on with home schooling during lockdown and whether most of you have sent your little ones back to school yet or not.
I'm still attempting to home school my daughter which goes well some days and other days is a complete wash out. Trying not to get too stressed about it as i am also looking after my son and working from home part time while my husband is back to work full time. It's not always easy and a part of me wants to send dd back but the other part of me is still extremely wary. My daughter has suspected childhood asthma and is very sensitive to things like colds and viruses. She's been admitted to hospital on 3 separate occasions with breathing difficulties when she's caught a nasty virus and has needed oxygen which has been distressing to watch. This makes me incredibly cautious about sending her back to school. I know that her school will have everything in place to be as safe as possible for the children but there is always doubt niggling at me. Everyone keeps telling me to send her back but the indecisiveness is driving me crazy. She's not showing signs of her mental health being affected by staying at home but her concentration is appalling at times and it is frustrating when she doesn't listen or try at anything. I must say though that this does not happen every day and some days she does very well.
Opinions on this please.

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