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Water for 8 month old

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Bumsmet Mon 04-May-20 08:23:35

My DD is getting a bit constipated (dry poo). I‘m trying to get water in her but not being very successful!

She is ebf and can’t get the hang of a bottle, she just chew on it. I‘ve tried sippy cups with a soft spout but she chews on those too. Sippy cups with a hard spout- she giggles and the water goes down her front. Haven’t tried a plain cup yet.

Any tips?

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Whereland Mon 04-May-20 08:28:19

Try a munchkin 360 cup, mine got the hang of them straight away

Bumsmet Mon 04-May-20 09:37:16

You know what, we‘ve actually got one of those somewhere that my other kid used and I completely forgot about it! Thanks grin

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Selfsettling3 Mon 04-May-20 19:42:55

Or an open cup.

BertieBotts Mon 04-May-20 19:48:46

Yes, try the 360 cup. I held off on them for ages because I thought you had to bite them for some reason - I think when DC1 (now ancient) was little the only ones you could get did need a much harder suck/bite. But DC2 uses them fine and they are the only thing he doesn't pour on the floor.

If no luck use a tommee tippee £1.50 cup from supermarket. Offer first with lid off, so baby gets the idea there is water in there, then one day sneak the lid on with spout up ready at the last second and tip up for them to pour the water out of the holes into their mouth. IME they soon get it and start sucking.

jlr1986 Mon 04-May-20 19:49:33

I found that when we first started weaning my daughter she was the same, chewing the teets rather than drinking!! I tended to put the cup in the lounge throughout the day and she could get it when she wanted. I also put some milk in a cup first so she knew she needed to drink out of it and then switched to water... mean mummy!! Also I'm sure shes getting loads of water etc from the breastmilk 😊, have you tried a prunes fruit pouch? (Seem to work wonders!)

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