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Extreme conical/flat head at 12 weeks. Will this go away on its own ?

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sarahhoping Sun 03-May-20 15:10:34

Took this pic of baby boy when we made him sleep on side to prevent further flat head. I can feel 'flat' spot on his backside .
I have attached pic. Please see it and please tell me if its too much. I am thinking of talking to paeditrician as well about this when we take him to 14 week vaccination .

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mynameiscalypso Sun 03-May-20 15:18:10

It looks entirely normal to me; the vast majority of babies end up with slightly flat heads these days due to the 'back to sleep' advice.

oohnicevase Sun 03-May-20 15:19:11

Was it a ventouse delivery ? My dad head was like that and I can't remember when it went back to normal .

justanotherneighinparadise Sun 03-May-20 15:20:50

That’s looks like cutest baby photo I’ve seen in a long time. He’s gorgeous OP ♥️♥️

sarahhoping Sun 03-May-20 15:22:13

it was an emergency c-section. I had a placenta abruption or so they say :P

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RedRed9 Sun 03-May-20 15:22:42

Your baby is absolutely adorable. What a sweetheart!

sarahhoping Sun 03-May-20 15:23:34

"My dad head was like that and I can't remember when it went back to normal "
are u saying it didn't went back to normal. sorry , couldn't understand what you said

thanks dear smile

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oohnicevase Sun 03-May-20 15:26:46

I meant my dd sorry and she is 17 and has a normal head so it must have gone back but she was a ventouse delivery and her head went back to normal at some point , I just can't remember when.

sarahhoping Sun 03-May-20 15:32:19

@RedRed9 thanks

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