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Weaning help- baby allergic to Dairy, eggs, pepper and maybe nuts!

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Elmo311 Tue 14-Jan-20 14:37:23

Hi all,

Please help me!
I feel like I'm failing my daughter, she's 9 months old and we were doing purées / chunky purées for a while which she would take well. But she will now only take about 5 spoonfuls before stopping.
So I'm trying to do BLW now.

She doesn't seem to like anything 'sloppy/too soft' like banana - she will just pick it up, stare at it and drop it. But if I give her toast for example she will try to eat that.

I'm just so worried about her chocking, and with all her allergies I'm REALLY struggling.

Can anyone point me in the right direction of some recipes? Or give some ideas ?

I have a weaning book by Annabel Karmel which I'm looking at recipes from.

Also any good replacements for egg / pepper would be helpful.

I feel like I'm always cooking to make her something which goes on the floor, and I'm constantly having to go out and do get ingredients if I'm making her something new. sad

DivGirl Tue 14-Jan-20 17:02:01

Has your child been referred for testing? And have you seen a dietician? What has your GP said?

In terms of food ending up on the floor that's normal - food before one is just for fun.

Bipbipbipbip Tue 14-Jan-20 17:06:59

Risk of choking is actually pretty low, there was a fair bit of gagging IME. We did BLW from 5.5 months and I've only ever intervened once when DS was about 18mo and put too much in his mouth!

Can you just give her bits from your plate? Takes the pressure off a bit. I save a portion of our evening meal and just reheat it the next day for DS so I'm not having to cook new things - though it must be difficult with her allergies.

Recipe wise - one of our big favourites were porridge fingers which you can make with alternative milk.

NeedAnExpert Tue 14-Jan-20 17:08:46

I'm just so worried about her chocking

At 9 months her gag reflex should be pretty well developed. Gagging is fine and rarely leads to choking.

Can’t you try raw veg like baby corn, carrot/cucumber sticks, peas, broccoli, breadsticks, hummus for dipping, porridge fingers, cooked rice and pasta, crackers with marmite or jam, rice cakes, apple pieces, soft fruits, apricot, pear etc?

Elmo311 Tue 14-Jan-20 18:47:33

@DivGirl Yes she's had various tests done and we are under the care of a Dietitan and Paediatrician, and SALT. We aren't seeing the Dietitan again until April.
She wasn't very helpful with BLW advice.

sarahg216 Tue 14-Jan-20 20:53:17

Hi my dd1 has similar allergies, we have adapted slowly to not really using dairy or eggs in our meals so we can mainly eat the same stuff.
Having said that she is no stranger to fish fingers and baked beans...
But what worked for us with BLW was cooking food like simple chicken/beef/sausage casserole, or stir fry with rice, or spaghetti bolognaise and giving her a bit.
Luckily she liked things like ham, houmous (gone off that now confused) for lunch. Likes sticks of carrot and cucumber.
Also was big into porridge for breakfast for a long while.
I was given a delicious recipe for banana pancakes (no dairy or egg)- ending up eating them all though as she didn’t like it...but yours might.

sarahg216 Tue 14-Jan-20 20:55:00

Think it was similar to this

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