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How much do your 5 month olds drink? FF

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Anon189 Mon 13-Jan-20 21:55:40

My sons 21 weeks, weighs 15lb 5oz and sleeps through about 12 hours a night so he’s a good baby and usually a good eater. He was having 5 7oz bottles through the day but now is only having 4 so I’m just curious to see what other babies have a day.

20viona Mon 13-Jan-20 22:00:42

My daughter is 6 months old, 15lb 5oz and has 5 6oz bottles a day, but sometimes only drinks 5oz.

Anon189 Mon 13-Jan-20 22:03:32

@20viona so roughly the same then, it’s been 8 years since I’ve done this lol so I worry at everything

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