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Every nap is a screaming fit

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Hel1985 Tue 26-Nov-19 11:46:27

Please help me with some advice. My little girl is 14 weeks and every nap is a screaming fit, no matter what I try. I'm a mum of three and and really needing my little girl to nap on the go in some situations. But even at home naps are a constant battle. I should have experience in this being a mum of three but my other two never seemed to struggle as much as my youngest. She can only manage about 1 hr waken time till she needs a nap, but it's torture for me and her. I hate seeing her scream and arching her back in protest.

Mizydoscape Tue 26-Nov-19 11:58:59

Does she have any issues with reflux/silent reflux? You might be finding that laying her down can cause the acid to bubble up hence the screaming and arching back.

Alternately, my DD could only do 45 minutes awake at 14 weeks and now only an hour really at 16 weeks so maybe she is overtired and fighting the naps because of that. Have you tried putting her down for a nap before she starts showing sleepy signs like yawning? Where is she napping? Does she have a dummy or get rocked to sleep/white noise?

Hel1985 Tue 26-Nov-19 12:19:05

Thank you for your reply @Mizydoscape 😊 We have a dummy but she never keeps it in and I have to hold it there for her, but she screams and hates me doing it, but as soon as she settles a little and less crying I try the dummy again and she seems to love it. I usually try rocking and patting her bum to get her to sleep and this is when it feels like shes fightimg me, I have tried olack f her down instead of being rocked but she's still the same then. Even in the car, she screams when she's gets tired and fights it till she exhausted and gives in and I can't help her much when I'm driving.

Mizydoscape Tue 26-Nov-19 12:39:14

I've found there's not much you can do in the car if they scream they scream. You can't always pull over safely so I try to ignore and hope they settle confused

For daytime naps at home, if my little one screams I will pick her up and cuddle till calm then try again. We have a rocking crib downstairs that has been a lifesaver for getting her to nap. Sometimes I have to hold the dummy gently in her mouth and shhhh shhh and she'll calm and fall asleep.

Another thought will yours go in a sling? Sure fire way to get things done and induce a nap especially if you have other LOs to look after.

Mizydoscape Tue 26-Nov-19 12:45:29

Also do you swaddle her or just pop down without blankets?

hoorayforharoldlloyd Tue 26-Nov-19 13:43:55

I second slings. I found the woven stretchy wrap perfect but my baby was small. He's not well today and so is in the ergo on my back for around the house as he doesn't want to be put down. He weighs about 17 pound and I'm a weakling but this style means I can keep doing stuff and he feels ok. He moans a bit before a nap but a bit of a jiggle or walk up and down and he goes to sleep.

Hel1985 Tue 26-Nov-19 14:01:56

@Miztdoscape thank you for your suggestions I may try I sling for when at home at need to get on with things 👍 does your little one drift of without crying at all for their naps? Also i feel like Im getting anxious when it comes to naps and have started putting people off coming over to mine or also going over to theirs as I know the whole nap time will appear. In the pushchair on school runs aswell she will just scream before naps and spit the dummy out and I'm literally trying to walk, push the pushchair and leading over to hold the dummy in, it can get quite stressful. Really appreciate your replies tho, thank you so much x

Hel1985 Tue 26-Nov-19 14:03:36

@horrayforharoldllyod thank you for your reply, I'm definitely going to give the sling ago 😊 x

Mizydoscape Tue 26-Nov-19 19:32:13

@Hel1985 yes she screams for some naps. Sometimes cries when first put in the sling too so I have to walk a la ministry of silly walks style to get her calmed down grin

Selfsettling3 Wed 27-Nov-19 17:52:30

I have to put my nearly 5 month old in the sling for naps, she complains a bit sometimes but then goes off. The sling makes the school run much easier.

Pugsleyaddams Wed 27-Nov-19 19:47:22

My first hated naps but badly needed them at a similar age, in the end I'd feed, change her, wrap her up warm and just get her out in the pram. She did have a bit of silent reflux but her pram was inclined and she was well supported. I spent ages trying to rock, pat, carry her and she wasn't having it. The dog needed walking so we'd just walk the dog and it'd last 10-15 mins and she'd sleep like a baby. I hated it but it was better than listening to her scream anyway in the same 4 walls, then being unable to do the things I needed to while she slept.

Tobebythesea Wed 27-Nov-19 20:34:20

Having the same issues with my 15 week old. Had some success with putting him down for a nap earlier than you think ie just before obvious tiredness with eye rubbing, yawning. Tricky with timing though!

Jelliestogether Thu 28-Nov-19 04:21:08

Are you me?? My daughter is the same age and struggling with naps too! Shes just fighting them so much. Someone recommended the huckleberry app to log sleep and it tells you when the next sleep should be so helps prevent them getting over tired. I've only tried it for a day with mixed success...

ChaosMoon Thu 28-Nov-19 11:23:59

I had the same issue until I learned to swaddle properly. From what I've seen, most babies who don't like the swaddle aren't being wrapped tightly enough across their arms. It was like a balm for DD and was the only way she'd be happy in her bassinet. If that wasn't an option, sling all the way.

teenageanxy Thu 28-Nov-19 13:39:08

Are you putting her down too late? I.e when she is already overtired?
I appreciate you have other kids and it is hard to spot the tired clues before they reach screaming point.
I could spot the tired clue easily with my first bit my poor second dc I missed all of her clues

Hel1985 Tue 03-Dec-19 12:35:31

I have just downloaded to huckleberry app and going to give it ago, thanks for the suggestion. How are you getting on, have you had much luck? X

Hel1985 Tue 03-Dec-19 12:37:02

@Jelliestogther I have just downloaded to huckleberry app and going to give it ago, thanks for the suggestion. How are you getting on, have you had much luck? X

Pipstelle Tue 03-Dec-19 12:44:23

Silent reflux? It sounds like pain.

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