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don't know where to put my 6mth old - he has banged his head 6 times this morning!!

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lucylala Sun 12-Aug-07 14:53:16

I feel bad not remembering this stage from last time but here goes...

My beautiful easy going baby no 2 has now reached 6.5mths and today I've had a nightmare morning with him. Hubby is out, DD (aged 3) was causing havoc around the house (as usual) and I'm trying to do some cleaning and get ready to go out...put baby on his mat and he rolls over and over until he bangs into the wall/sideboard/chair/tv, so I put him in his inflatable ring thing, he sits for 2mins then flings himself out the back, so I put him in his bouncy chair, he rolls over onto his belly still in the chair and then falls out, so I sit him up on floor with cushions all round him and he manages to fall between the cushions and bang his head - argh!!!

Is this just a stage they go through? He can sit up unaided for 5mins or so but he's still quite unsteady if he gets excited or starts looking round and just topples over.

Am now thinking it's at this point the REALLY hard work starts, with a wriggly baby and a bonkers 3yr old!! eek!!

(geez, I thought the first 6mths have been hard enough!)

startouchedtrinity Sun 12-Aug-07 14:55:09

Get a travel cot and use like a playpen. Absolute godsend when you need to park them while you do something. You can put a few toys in there too, and perfectly safe for sitting practise.

Guitargirl Sun 12-Aug-07 17:55:47

Bumbo seat?

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