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Poorly again

(8 Posts)
sthitch Mon 05-Feb-18 19:05:32

My LO is poorly again and I just don’t know what to do- she is 5 months and has had a cold for a week now. Today she has only taken half of her milk, she’s now choking on the milk a little bit after (I think it’s mixing with the phlegm) but she properly chokes on it and can’t breathe and we have to pat her back to get it out.

She’s chesty but I’m not sure if it’s just mucus on her throat - she’s slept a lot today and only wanted to be around me. Her fungal nappy rash (mentioned on other posts) has been absolutely dreadful this weekend. Would you go to the drs? This will be the 7th visit for various things (bad nappy rash, water infection which took 3 visits, choking, skin issue etc) she seems to have one thing after another - I just don’t know what to do or if it’s just a bad cold that will ride out but I’m concerned with the lack of milk today.

sthitch Mon 05-Feb-18 19:44:40

She just turned to the side in her cot a chucked up the whole of her half bottle - grabbed her out and she chucked up loads of mucus - so scary. Think I’ll have to go.

catsarenice Mon 05-Feb-18 19:48:14

Yes go. You'll only worry if not. Hope she's on the mend soon thanks

Chaosofcalm Mon 05-Feb-18 20:30:16

If you are worried about a little one then always go. With a baby under 6 months they will always see you.

sthitch Mon 05-Feb-18 21:10:17

We’re at a GP out of hours.

catsarenice Mon 05-Feb-18 21:17:12

Fingers crossed they have some answers for you.

Isadora2007 Mon 05-Feb-18 21:18:38

Hope you get some reassurance. Often babies and even young children will need to vomit up the phlegm they can’t shift by coughing alone.
I hope she is okay.

catsarenice Thu 08-Feb-18 06:45:47

How's baby @sthitch ?

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