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What is a grumpy baby?

(16 Posts)
KimchiLaLa Wed 29-Nov-17 18:50:14

I just want to figure out what's normal in terms of baby crying. Is my baby just a grumpy baby? She cries, quite loudly, when:

her vest is being removed/put on
She gets woken up from a nap
She's overtired
She's hungry
Occasionally when she's cold

When people play with her she doesn't laugh or smile a lot, but if you catch her at the right time she will smile.

Sometimes it feels like she doesn't have any happy moments, although she does smile occasionally (9 weeks)

Does anyone have a baby who doesn't cry at these points? What is the definition of a chilled baby?

sleepycat13 Wed 29-Nov-17 21:08:30

sounds like a normal baby to me!! my son is 8 weeks and just starting to smile at others when in the mood. he cries at all the same things you listed. babies cry. it's their way of communicating. I personally think our use of words such as grumpy etc are misplaced in babies they don't act out in the same way a much older child might. it can be hard though when it feels like all baby does is cry.

FartnissEverbeans Thu 30-Nov-17 18:33:14

What age is she?

For the first six or so months of DS's life he was a really chilled out baby, barely cried ever - only when he was hungry. Now he's a toddler and he cries all the time - because he's hungry, tired, doesn't want to go in the car seat, doesn't want his nappy changed, wants a drink, doesn't want a drink, wants to pour his drink all over the floor, etc. Of course he's a wee star really but he has certainly found his voice confused

So whether she's 'grumpy' or not just now, in a few months she'll probably be completely different anyway!

arbrighton Thu 30-Nov-17 19:06:00

Why are you waking her up? Not surprising she's crying

arbrighton Thu 30-Nov-17 19:06:58

and they only just start smiling at that age, you're perhaps expecting too much

pastabest Thu 30-Nov-17 19:10:25

Don't wake a 9 week old baby from a nap, that way madness lies.

Are you starting to notice hunger/ tiredness cues? it's always worth trying to get a feed/ nap in as soon as you notice these before it escalates to crying.

Otherwise sounds like a normal baby.

Most people/babies get grumpy when they are hungry/overtired!

ApplesTheHare Thu 30-Nov-17 19:11:00

They're all different, which is wonderful but frustrating sometimes as a parent. DD hated being a baby and cried at everything until she passed the 9-month mark. She's been incredibly happy since then and is now 3 so although the baby stage was a nightmare we've got off really lightly for terrible twos, etc.

KimchiLaLa Thu 30-Nov-17 19:36:39

I don't wake her, wouldn't dare! She gets woken by roudy children in the family. I visit the grandparents to get out of the house and they always seem to be there.

user1493413286 Thu 30-Nov-17 21:03:56

I think that’s a normal baby, I would think of me by baby as being grumpy when she’s unsettled over nothing.
She’s still getting used to smiling so don’t worry as it will start coming more.

gingergenius Fri 01-Dec-17 14:24:27

I get grumpy when my rowdy children wake me up!!! grin

Scorpiolady123 Fri 01-Dec-17 14:39:52

Hi there, my baby cried more or less constant for about 10 weeks. However when he was 4 weeks old he was in hospital for 2 weeks and was really poorly. He's now almost 5 months and smiles and giggles lots. However he was about 9or 10 weeks when he first smiled. How long is she awake for between naps? My son still goes nuts when a vest goes over his head. Although he's a happy little soul, he can get annoyed very quickly and screeches. I think he just knows his mind!

ThunderboltsLightning Fri 01-Dec-17 14:51:26

I would say that's quite normal. People tell me that I have a very happy baby (i agree fwiw) but he cried for all those reasons at that age. Now at 5 mo he more whinges than cries for the same reasons apart from getting dressed which he quite likes now unless he's particularly tired.

KimchiLaLa Sun 03-Dec-17 23:40:25

Thanks all, glad to know she's not "fussy"

I've got to admit someone told me that my SIL had made a comment that my baby was crying "as usual" and it got me thinking...

KimchiLaLa Sun 03-Dec-17 23:41:27

She's only awake for 45 mins max between naps. But it can be 1.5 hours when she's overtired and just won't settle (reflux baby, wakes herself up constantly)

Scorpiolady123 Mon 04-Dec-17 06:54:57

Poor little lamb. Sounds a bit like my little guy. I had sone similar comments. I just used to think, oh well you'll not be visiting or pestering me to look after him then... all the more cuddles for me.wink

Ohyesiam Mon 04-Dec-17 08:55:39

She's really young for being happy! Look up 4th trimester.
But babies are hard, and hard work, and I generally felt like I was doing it wrong.... But they get older, it gets easier, 3 months is a watershed.

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