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Omeprazole - 9 week old - how long to work?

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KLG3101 Sun 12-Nov-17 16:05:43

Having tried Gaviscon and ranitidine for our DD’s severe reflux we are now into Omeprazole. How long does it take to work? Day 4 and her reflux is awful!!! 100% worse than before and possibly more silent. She’s on neocate and carobel also. Her skin is still hellishly dry also - any mums of babies have dry flaky skin for long time after birth?

Animation86 Sun 12-Nov-17 16:50:56

Its meant to be roughly 2 weeks as far as I remember. It works differently to ranitidine and though its been a while im sure theres a period where you can do both meds - but dont quote me on that, you'd need to check.

DD1 was a preemie and she just lived in coconut oil

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