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IABU touring long haul with toddler, any tips

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adjsavedmylife Mon 09-Oct-17 16:58:27

Big important family wedding coming up. 3 weeks, hot country, multiple destinations 2 nights here, three nights there etc. It will be wonderful but DS will be 22months as just isn't an easy going sort. Amazing, but not chilled and not a champion sleeper either. We will be a big family group so lots of people's needs to manage and we just won't be able to stick to his routine that much.

Very grateful for any tips on how to make it feel a bit more manageable for him. Or tell me I'm being pfb and he will love it!

mindutopia Tue 10-Oct-17 11:04:07

If you are changing time zones (meaning having jet lag) and can in any way plan your travel to give you about 3-4 days to settle before you really need to be functioning, I would do it. Or just manage your expectations for what those first few days will be like and plan accordingly. We flew long haul 11 hours (8 hour time difference) in May. The first 3 days/nights were relatively hell ish and you really need to be prepared and tag team it. Our daughter was waking up for the day at 2:30am, then about 4:30am and then finally 5:30am on the third day. We both went to sleep just after she did at 7-8pm those first nights and we traded off getting up with her so the other could sleep and then would switch so the person who got up in the middle of the night could take an early morning nap. I don't think the traveling around will make too much difference as long as you stay roughly in the same time zone once you're there. But there will be those 3 days of adjustment and it will be rough. Bring a tablet or have a tv there, even if you don't normally do screen time. It was a lifesaver at 4am when I just had to keep her from screaming and waking everyone up. Bring favourite snacks from home and a pushchair or somewhere else for him to sleep when you're out. And also just don't feel bad about not going to things if you truly can't. You'll be exhausted initially and you may just need to leave early from some things. That's fine. You'll be there for 3 weeks, so you will adjust. It was easy after the first few days and then just like being at home even though we were really busy and hot and all very different.

Scotinoz Tue 10-Oct-17 13:38:21

We've travelled with our 2 (currently almost 4, and 2.5) and its been tiring but good fun.

To be honest, we've let routines etc go out of the window while we're away. You always tend to be up later, so there's no point in sticking to the 'bed at 7' kind of routine.

Just keep food regular, get them sleeping enough hours, don't expect it to be perfect the whole time as they will be obnoxious, build in some down time each day (watching drivel on an iPad is fine!), sometimes you need to tag team and one of you needs to socialise and the other find a playground.

Re flights - we've just pushed through. Yes, everyone is thoroughly cheesed off 20hours in but crew etc on scheduled flights are always really helpful (produce toys, chocolate bars, trips to the galley etc).

I think you have to be laid back - if they only eat noodles and watermelon for 10 days it's okay. Take the pleasures when they happen. There are playgrounds most places, and you have great chats in playgrounds the world over 😅

Everything falls back into place when you get home.

adjsavedmylife Wed 11-Oct-17 10:38:36

Thank you both! Some great ideas here and the thought that everything will fall into place v comforting!

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