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ICandy Orange

(24 Posts)
Lixon Thu 10-Aug-17 09:42:12

I think after several weeks of researching I have narrowed it down to the iCandy Orange for a pram for a little boy due in December (on the basis that we hope another one might follow relatively quickly).

My only 2 slight reservations are in part due to lack of reviews around at the moment on it as it is so new so I'd be very grateful for any thoughts from anyone with experience on these:

1. Have you taken it off road, and if so can it cope at all? I'm not expecting it to compete with all terrain buggies would be helpful to know its limitations, e.g. On grass or in forests. I'm assuming sand is out 😄

2. I'm a bit worried about size/weight taking around on the tube (probably more common than buses) - has anyone got experience of this, if it fits easily on escalators/if you have any hope of carrying up/down stairs etc? Would be similar for the Peach I guess?

Thank you very much!

Sparklyuggs Fri 11-Aug-17 03:17:58

Will try to help where I can, I've only been using it for 3 weeks.

I'm very happy with it, I find it very easy to use. A number of friends have the peach but disliked the hood, and the hood on the orange is much better.

The orange is lighter than the peach and that was a big factor for me.

It's great on grass, as well as the cobblestone streets where I live. Not tried it on the beach yet.

Chicci1 Fri 11-Aug-17 17:16:02

Very seriously considering the icandy orange. Tried it today instore and it seems great! Has anyone seen it for less than £875 anywhere?

Sparklyuggs Fri 11-Aug-17 18:13:57

Afraid not, but I don't know if Mothercare stock it and you can go to an expectant parent event and get 10% off? I'm very happy with it.

Lixon Sat 12-Aug-17 21:23:26

Thank you @Sparklyuggs - that's very helpful and I'm so pleased your little one arrived safely (I was in the August club but sadly dropped out after an Edwards' diagnosis, but thankfully conceived again quite quickly.)

Mothercare do stock the orange and the 10% off voucher from those events can be used but only in store. That's my plan in the next few weeks! I understand icandy sales are quite rare and given the orange is so new not expecting much more unless you can get a bundle from an independent retailer..

Sparklyuggs Sat 12-Aug-17 21:36:29

Lixon I remember you, and I often wondered how you were getting on and I'm so pleased to hear you are pg again. I've got my 3 week old feeding on me right now, I ended up having a c-section in July but we're both doing well.

I got my icandy orange in John Lewis as I can claim VAT back, but it's very hard to find a discount. I remember John Lewis doing a good bundle on the peach but the orange suited me better for various reasons.

Hearing your news really is lovely smile

AccrualIntentions Tue 15-Aug-17 07:22:25

We're probably going for the Orange, although I have a niggling worry that it may end up being too big and piss me off on the train.

However the size is also the main reason we are probably going for it, husband is 6'5" and so many were eliminated because they're just too low and the seat or carrycot can't be raised up. Plus the massive storage and ability to convert to double were bonuses.

Haven't found it for less than £875 either unfortunately.

JustDontGetItAtAll Tue 15-Aug-17 07:29:55

That looks awful! So flimsy. Nothing attractive about it at all. I highly recommend the iCandy Peach

Sparklyuggs Tue 15-Aug-17 07:34:38

justdon'tgetit it's not flimsy, my best friend has the peach so I've used both and it's just as robust IMO. Looks wise, each to their own smile

AccrualIntentions Tue 15-Aug-17 07:36:21

Just as sturdy, if not more, as the Peach. Maybe it doesn't photograph well (I've only seen them in real life).

watchingitallagain Tue 15-Aug-17 07:38:31

I convinced myself I NEEDED an Orange but was so disappointed when I went to see it. The second seat is needed for a two year old in our house and he couldn't fit under the hood. He's not even particularly large!

I thought the quality was really good but I'd be concerned about buying it with a second/third child in mind. We bought an Uppababy Vista in the end and are so far impressed. It is big though so probably wouldn't suit you on the train. It's definitely working for us as a double though.

ThursdayLastWeek Tue 15-Aug-17 07:38:49

Have you checked ebay?

I got my icandy strawberry for a very good price when I needed it smile

Chicci1 Tue 15-Aug-17 14:02:13

Having tried both at the weekend, I would defo opt for the icandy orange over the uppababy. My almost three year old had lots of room on the seat. I think the integrated ride-on board makes it a really good option for older toddlers. Love the enormous shopping basket too!

ellabe Wed 18-Oct-17 13:43:19

hello all,
this is a really useful thread for me as i am debating between the Icandy orange and the uppababy vista as we are planning on having a second baby within 2 years so want one that converts easily.

Now that you have all been using your icandy Oranges or Uppababy Vistas - please can you let me know what you think? If you had to choose between the 2, which one would you choose?
Any help would be much appreciated as i am going round in circles.
My husband is 6ft 4 so i am worried we will have a tall baby!

Hope you can help me choose!

SkayOw Tue 19-Dec-17 08:01:11

Has anyone found the harness a bit tight on the iCandy Orange? My son is 10 months & there's only an inch of room left on the waist strap & the shoulder straps are at their full length. I popped into John Lewis to check I hadn't put the foot muff on incorrectly (I'd already taken the seat cover off) & they called iCandy for me. The answer was, there isnt an extender to the harness & they don't have a solution, but to call back when the inch is used up. A bit bizarre, don't you think?

incianik Sat 17-Feb-18 23:22:50

I got iCandy Orange and to be honest I just want to burn it. I purchased it assuming it will be useful for my when I go back to work. I have to drop off and pick up my kids from nursery when I go back to work. If you take a bus, the main break is totally useless. It will roll when the bus turns left or right which is a safety issue. I informed Mothercare & iCandy which both said its normal for the pushchair. They said I have to lock the two front wheels too! Absolutely ridiculous cos locking the front wheels requires you have to kneel down to lock it properly. Dont make the same mistake as I did. I am thinking of getting the BabyJogger City Select Lux or UppaVista.
If you need to see what I mean about rolling on the bus. Check this link. I filmed it and sent it to iCandy which they said its normal. Well for me its not worth it for the £925 cos of the adaptors.
Check for the post from Marian Bettcher

Chicci1 Sat 17-Feb-18 23:33:34

I bit the bullet and ordered the icandy orange after posting on this thread months ago. So far so good. I love it!! Works brilliantly as a single. The carrycot is bigger than the uppababys carrycot which works well for us. My son is on the 95th centile on terms of height and at almost five months, still has lots of room left in the carrycot. I haven't used it as a double much as my three year old prefers the integrated buggy board. Great to have the option of either. Based on my experience, would highly recommend!

0123fluffyunicorn Sun 18-Feb-18 12:10:02

I chose the Uppababy Vista in the end, purely because they are more readily available second hand! The orange was my top choice though

incianik Sun 18-Feb-18 13:56:55

Im really tempted to get the new BabyJogger City Select Lux. I met a Mum using the old version and she said she never had any issues with it. She too dont drive & just walk or travel by bus to take her 3 year old to nursery with her baby.

incianik Thu 01-Mar-18 12:44:30

Just bought a new double pushchair so I am selling my iCandy Orange now with converters.

LondonSouth28 Sun 25-Mar-18 08:12:18

Incianik - have you sold yours?

incianik Sun 25-Mar-18 09:30:59

still available

Mummaof2princes Mon 28-May-18 23:01:42

Hello I have the icandy orange and I have had none stop problems I brought the double as I was recommended it because my 3 year old but the chair has broken twice and now it’s like my whole
Buggy is buckled to the point I can’t put either of my children in and as it don’t seem safe I paid out over a £1000 it’s ridiculous

incianik Tue 29-May-18 00:20:44

report it to where you purchase it and ask for refund.

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