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Dd scab on nose seeing health visitor

(10 Posts)
princessachica Sun 09-Jul-17 11:59:01

My dd last night unfortunately got carpet burn from falling from her crawling position we are seeing her health visitor tomorrow I hope she doesn't start reading into things

TondelayaDellaVentamiglia Sun 09-Jul-17 12:06:11

my eldest ran headlong into the open edge of the sitting room door, lovely sharp square edged bruise right down the centre of his forehead

the middle one rebroke her collar bone falling from the climbing frame. (MIL was in charge of the original break)

the youngest ran down the path...nasty gravelly tarmac affair and looked like we had been at him with a cheese grater....forehead, nose chin, elbows, knees, hands..

Things happen, the HV will not blink an eye!

KingJoffreysRestingCuntface Sun 09-Jul-17 12:08:04

DS spent about two years covered in bruises from general clumsiness.

No one said a word.

chupsmelad Sun 09-Jul-17 12:08:37

Your poor DD!

I agree these things are very common, babies learn to crawl and walk by trial and error and unfortunately minor (and not so minor) scrapes and bruises are common.

DS came home from nursery with a big scrape across his face one day. The staff were super-apologetic but the fact is that these things happen.

princessachica Sun 09-Jul-17 12:10:23

I know I went out this morning n someone gave me a look so it really frustrated me

putdownyourphone Sun 09-Jul-17 12:16:19

Mobile babies get bumps and scrapes - I'm sure the Hv has seen it all before! My DS has too permenant bumps and bruises either side of his forehead at the moment from where he's constantly tumbling over

karigan Sun 09-Jul-17 14:32:05

My DD has a huge bruise on her face at our 2 year old check got from running into a doorframe at the childminder'so house. The HV's only comment was that she would be more surprised at a 2 year old without any bruises given how clumsy most of them are. smile

Prokupatuscrakedatus Sun 09-Jul-17 16:49:31

DS got a swollen lip and a bruise across his face because he and his mate played football with a sand bucket and he got it in the face.

Things like that happen. smile

JennyOnAPlate Sun 09-Jul-17 16:51:02

No need to worry at all op. My 7 year olds legs are more bruise than leg!

princessachica Sun 09-Jul-17 23:21:07

I know but she's only 9 months she's so young and the look I got this morning really got to me

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