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Violent Screaming

(2 Posts)
octoberfarm Thu 06-Jul-17 00:36:23

Little one has just turned one and has recently started daycare, so he's had a never ending stream of viruses/colds and been a bit under the weather lately. That's to be expected though and he'll come through with a better immune system --even if it feels like none of us will ever sleep like normal humans again.
Anyway, on to the problem: he's started screaming - and I mean I'm-being-murdered screaming - at the top of his lungs whenever something doesn't go his way and for ages each night before bed. With the daily (hourly/every ten minute) tantrums we either give him a stern look, ignore or say a firm "no", but it just seems to be getting worse. Sleep used to be an issue but had resolved itself pretty well. We're so tired, and I'm so sad that he seems so unhappy/angry and he doesn't seem to have any sort of illness now so we're at a bit of a loss.

Sorry for the essay - I guess what I'm asking is did anyone else's one year old by any chance go through the terrible twos at one? Or does anyone have any tips?

Heirhelp Thu 06-Jul-17 05:12:42

It sounds like a tantrum. As much as possible avoid the triggers especially tiredness. He may need an earlier bed time especially as he settles in nursery. Starting nursery, like adults starting a new work place is exhausting.

Tantrums are not a child being naughty but it is when they become overwhelmed with emotions that they are too young to understand and know how to react to. Giving him a stern no will not help. A tantruming child needs understanding. Trying removing him from the situation, holding him with gentle sushes and rocking.

My dd has similar at times times. Tonight it was because I gave her the chocolate pudding opposed to the custard one when she did not make a choice. Apparently she did want the custard one after all.

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