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Viral infections

(5 Posts)
Hudson87 Fri 12-May-17 15:21:16

Can anyone offer advice please? Im a ftm to my son whos 10months old. Hes suffered with a viral infection for almost a week. Hes suffered with sickness lack of sleep high temperatures looser bowl movements been on and off food and bottles and stuffy nose and throat causing a bad cough. Hes been to docs twice this week, apparently his chest is clear and breathing difficulties stem from the build up of mucas in nose and throat but last night he slept from 7.30 pm to 11am (we have a breathing mat and monitor with sight and sound) and i also went in every few hours to check om him. I tried to wake him up at 9.30am which he just winged turned over and continued to snore. Since 11am i have fed him bottles to ensure hes hydrated which he has drank but then has no energy and keeps going to sleep. I rang 111 yesterday and they sent an ambulance to check him out and they said he was fine. But this amount of sleep doesnt seem right to me but i dont want to waste the docs or 111s time if im just over worrying. Does anyone have a similar experience or advice to help ease my worry please? Im on my own and dont really have anyone to turn to for support.x

danTDM Fri 12-May-17 15:27:36

Hi! smile

Fully with you on this. My DD it is not a problem of sleep but all the things you mention, every single one.

Went to docs, very efficient here (Spain) full blood test at 8am and results at 3pm! It is a parasitic infection shock basically worms.

The sickness, the coughing, the sneezing, the tiredness, the pale skin. Worms.

I now have to do a poo test over the next 3 days to find right worms and get antibiotics (if needed) it could be a viral infection.


Hudson87 Fri 12-May-17 15:41:49

Thanks for your reply danTDM.
Do you think i should contact docs again or perhaps just check his poo? My worry is if this is something more serious than a viral infection i couldnt forgive myself if i didnt push the docs...but again as a ftm i dont know whether im over reacting because ive never had a poorly baby before x

danTDM Fri 12-May-17 16:00:19

Exactly! I went to docs as felt like a bad mum.
It is just worms ffs. Had them many times before when DD small (she is 8 now)

I really feel like not doing this poo test and getting generic worming stuff.

I am very lazy normally, I really thought she was dying with some awful infection!
Seriously I wouldn't worry. Get some worming tablets and calpol!

Just keep an eye on him.
I remember when DD picked up everything at nursery when she was the same age.

CMV, EBV and worms, nothing you can do but ride the storm.
And hope you don't get them!! grin

stopmoaningpip Fri 12-May-17 16:26:44

Erm, I don't think worms would be a likely cause of these sorts of signs in the UK - maybe they're more common in Spain.
The most common worms in UK children (threadworms/pinworms) usually cause no signs, or maybe an itchy bottom.
So personally I wouldn't give worming tablets unless there was more evidence of worms.

Sorry I haven't got any more useful advice Hudson, I'm sure it's good he's taking bottles, but do take him back to your GP if you're not happy. It could be he's actually feeling more comfortable (eg nose has cleared) and is just exhausted from not sleeping and catching up. But if you're not happy get him checked again.

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