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How do I track down my daughter's Grandparents??

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SearchingforGrandparents Sat 01-Apr-17 22:35:17

Have had to name change for this one...

This is quite complicated and can't go into too much detail unfortunately but I'm desperately trying to track down my daughter's Grandparents after a serious DV situation with their son (my daughter's.....yeah him)

Obviously have no contact for him whatsoever.

As far as I know, they are both in long term respite care after Granddad had major complications after Heart surgery. So despite knowing their address, I haven't a clue how to get in touch as they're not at home. I haven't even a clue as to what type of respite care they're in. Care home or supported accommodation or what. No idea. So I can't really start calling places. They wouldn't tell me if they were there anyway I don't think.
Both their mobiles have been off for months. Their house phone voicemail box is full so they clearly haven't been home. And their house is 70 miles away from me.

I have done Welfare Checks via the Police, however all I was told was "They are safe & well" and their local Police refused to tell them it was me requesting the check or to tell me where they were.....

I've tried writing to them but of course if they've not been back to the house then they've not received the letters.

Not users of Facebook or any Social Media. I've tried Googling their names/checking Obituaries/Death Records/Electoral Roll and incase they're registered elsewhere. Checked Rightmove & Zoopla to see if house has been sold. Nothing.

What do I do? I know they want to be a part of my DDs life but due to my ex (their son) they weren't able to be for a long time.

Any ideas? Please help if so!

No judgmental or nasty comments please, this is a really sensitive & upsetting subject for me sad

Thanks x

SearchingforGrandparents Mon 03-Apr-17 13:29:49

Anyone?? X

Lapinlapin Mon 03-Apr-17 13:32:29

I'm sorry you're in this situation.
Could you go to their house (I appreciate it's a long way) and ask some of their neighbours? They might have an idea of where they are.

Seeline Mon 03-Apr-17 13:42:30

I take it that you don't know any other family members who might be able to help?
Do you know if they were members of any clubs/groups that you might be able to track down other members of?
How about church or something like that?
Local Council social services if they were involved in the care home placement?
I doubt that many people would be willing to tell you where they are, but mught be happy to pass on a message.

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