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Omg life with twins !

(9 Posts)
cookieswirls Fri 24-Feb-17 07:08:12

I love my twins dearly but since they were born my life has just exploded into an endless cycle of baby(s) I know having one baby to care for is hard but this is something else. Now they are walking I'm so on edge all the time. There is always something that needs doing. Even whilst I'm led in bed at 3 am I'm writing my list for the next day to try and fit around all my 'baby' jobs. Oh and the crying it's just relentless. Just as I soothe one the other will cry. I hate to say it but sometimes it's feels like I'm in a nightmare. When I found out I was having twins I knew it would be hard but never did I imagine THIS HARD! There are lovely times though like when they play games with each other and kiss and cuddle me smile I'm just daydreaming of the days where my life gets a little easier. If anyone has twins and would like to tell me about their daily life, I'd love to hear.

NeverAShadowOfDoubt Fri 24-Feb-17 07:22:43

No advice op but just wanted to say ive got 7 week old boy girl twins, first time mum, born at 34 weeks, and its hard! Like you say its an endless cycle of feeds winding changing and repeat! I was hoping you'd say it got easier!! confusedsmile

cookieswirls Fri 24-Feb-17 07:28:24

Oh congratulations smile I think in the early days it's very hard as they rely on you so much. Now they're a bit older they can entertain themselves for a small while but then you have to watch them constantly. I'm hoping someone will come along with slightly older twins to reassure us it will all get easier .

cookieswirls Fri 24-Feb-17 07:30:04

I've just read your a first time mum too. Talk about thrown in at the deep end! It is lovely to see them grow up together thoughsmile

sunnyshowers Fri 24-Feb-17 07:33:24

Now is the hardest.. they're mobile and absolutly no sense! My advice is get reins and walk them.
My ped told me to walk them twice a day...and it saved my life.
It takes the edge off them and makes them saner. Absolutly use reins you cannot chance not. A walk for them is a few hundred yards down the road and home until they're older.then push the boundaries as they get older. You will notice they ll get their coats and routine is your friend. This little walk will help you too. (From going crazy)
Mine are 6 now and I m amazed by the little men they ve become. They're so cute.
I d a dd who was 3 when they arrived and I know it's hard but it just get easier and I look back on videos and wonder how I did it but you just do.
Pm if you ever want to talk but walk them...its the single best advice I ever got for all of us.

defineme Fri 24-Feb-17 07:34:21

My twins are now lovely (mostly) 12 year olds and I can promise you it does get better and they are an absolute blessing. I remember the endless jobs and crying, but that stage is over soon enough. I tried to focus on the basics of clean and fed and lower my standards about everything else. Dh had to be very hands on, but for some reason every time he took them out (we had a 3 year old too) people said he deserved a medal!

defineme Fri 24-Feb-17 07:38:03

Totally agree with sunnyshowers, we walked with reins twice a day or let them run inside the gated playground or playgroup hall and my life was one long routine!

sunnyshowers Fri 24-Feb-17 07:39:53

P's the 3am waking of the mum is normal because your stressay levels are so high. Mine were v early and v sick and o managed wonderfully. ..till they were 1 and I fell apart because I was "safe".
I had such a massive panic attack I was sedated for a week...exhaustion is awful so you have to take care of might know how you are coping. I didn't and ended up in a mess but after a week of sleep I got back to life. Please don't let that happen and mind yourself. Once I started the walking it really helped.
Its not easy...really it's not. 2 babies, same stages same needs but different people with different emotional reactions...its tough to care give. BUT it physically gets easier. Mine are in different classes in school and this helps too...they're a lot of mines to nagivate with twins

sunnyshowers Fri 24-Feb-17 07:47:14

Define me your right...the mums are just as cast adrift by twins as the dad but somehow it's "natural" for us.. its not...its scary but tg dad s there...if only for a pair of hands.
I got an au pair as a second set of hands (she helped with hosp app...boy there were a lot of those ) until they were was great not to be alone but a culture shock when she left as tge boys were used to a higher level of interaction than I could provide. I found my groove though....I also told them hundreds of times a day how much I loved all 3 of them.
The older one was v upset as the boys were in hosp for 4 months ish and I wasn't home so it was terrible but now my 3 are wonderful together...absolute best buds and v rarely tge crying would wreck your head. Id circle the house outside to balance myself sometimes.
As awful as all that sounds now they're AMAZING and I can't get enough of them.
Just want you to know that what your feeling is normal. ..and it's ok but mind youself

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