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Court order????? Advice?????

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Kelsar Fri 13-Jan-17 19:43:57

I am applying to the courts for my son to have my surname on his passport, he has a deed poll with my surname on which we take everywhere with his birth certificate. The passport office wants his father to sign a letter saying that he gives consent for this, this is impossible to me to retrieve as he hasn't been in my son life for over 11 years, makes no financially commitments to him, hasn't sent Christmas or birthday cards or over 11 years and has not attempted to make any contact. I have now found the form which I need to make the application for this to happened but has anyone else gone through this process and can explain to me how it goes and how much the fees are? All help will be much appreciated.

queenofthebucket Sat 14-Jan-17 19:05:08

Hi my son has my surname on his passport and his fathers on his birth cert.
As far as I recall my solicitor (who was involved in the difficult contact case) had to write a letter explaining that ds only used my name for his whole life, had the deed poll, and that contact had broken down and was not in ds or my interests to contact him. It was fairly straightforward for me, I received legal aid at the time.
Perhaps a solicitor could advise you?
maybe repost on legal board?

Kelsar Sun 15-Jan-17 14:49:44

Hi thank you for your response. When you say they deemed it in both your sons and your interest not to contact him. May I ask how long it had been since he was involved in the child's life?

queenofthebucket Sat 28-Jan-17 20:10:55

A couple of years maybe, but contact prior had always been unsettled. It was quite some time ago now

Ilovecaindingle Sat 28-Jan-17 20:13:30

I wrote my own letter to passport office explaining just about the same scenario as you have described and I got my dd her passport in the name she wanted.

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